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Fallen Constellation

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[i]Dear Brothers and Sisters under the Southern Cross,

Today marks a sad day for our country, it is with great regret that we inform both our country and the world of the dissolution of the Union, after a political deadlock that has left the country in a stalemate politically over the past few weeks. This follows the sudden and untimely resignation of Prime Minister Lizzie Whittaker from her post, after re-evaluating the political future of this country. With the parliament in deadlock for as long as it has been over some key legislation, the Governor General, Robert Abel, decided to resign from his post in disgust at the recent political turmoil and deadlock.

There were repeated pleas for both politicians to retake their positions for the good of the country, but it is with much regret that it seems that both of them went into seclusion after leaving their posts. The country, using its gold reserves to finance the transactions, have promised to pay back all loans owed to other governments, as well as honor all bonds to any country or individual who has bought them. The accrued interest for development programs will be paid out for the years that it has been collecting, as promised.

The Southern Cross Defense Forces have promised to stand down and/or work with the Oceanic Union to secure Australia for transition for the next generation of those who wish to rule under the glimmering Southern Cross. May he who watches over these lands be blessed, for now, into uncertain waters, we chart a course for once again.

[b]Interim Ruling Parliamentary Committee Statement[/b][/i]


Robert Abel looked at Lizzie Whittaker as they walked towards the C-17 Globemaster III at Townsville Naval Air Station, the aircraft had a special crew appointed, all of them friends or personal confidants of both politicians/freedom fighters. The aircraft was painted with normal military markings, and it was one of the last official flights out of the country before the Southern Cross Defense Forces stood down. As the two walked on board the aircraft, their hands joined gently, and they both gave a small smile at each other, they both shared a kiss as the rear cargo door closed. The aircraft was cleared for an immediate takeoff from the Air Station, with its 'secret' cargo; a couple who had simply found love under the big sky of the land of the Outback, their future uncertain as the wheels of the plane left the ground.

"Big Bird 1-1, clear course through to the Bonins, please acknowledge Townsville," said the pilot, on board the aircraft.

"Copy that Big Bird 1-1, have a safe trip, Townsville clear," replied the tower controller.

"Will do, catch you on the flip side."

[b][OOC: Not signing off CNRP for good; just peacing out of Australia, I realize I am not that active, so I am taking up a large chunk of land. USC goes to the Oceanic Union as a protectorate. Now you can all wait with baited breath as to where I may pop up next. <Insert Evil Grin Here?>][/b]

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Dispatch from the standing government of the People's Republic of Selenarctos:

We are saddened by the collapse of the government of the Union of the Southern Cross. Oceanic Union peacekeeping troops shall be introduced into the region to provide stability until a new government can be organized.


The 7th Mechanized Division and 114th Interceptor Squadron shall mobilize for immediate deployment to Australia.

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