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Anyway, 1000 Days


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So yeah, Anyplace has been around for 1000 days, sadly I didn't notice this early, much like I missed all of my nations birthdays, mostly because, well, I can't think of an excuse.

It's been a fun old 1000 days, full of, not much really, from nobody to almost worst poster back to obscurity unless you still haven't gotten over some of the things which where said, it's all a bit of a laugh really, well I found it fun anyway but I've had my fun for now, there's always the next global war to start getting into silly arguments.

Most of the wars I've fought in have been fun in the last 1000 days and the people I have met, most have been nice, some haven't but I won't name names, mostly because I'm bad with names.

Here's some shoutouts because I hear it's all the rage.

Memoryproblems: Hey

SirWilliam: Hi

GearHead: Yo

Duncan King: Hey

Waffles: Pancakes

band20: Hello

xR1 Fatal Instinct: Hi

Medix: Hii

flak attack: How are you

Lord Boris: Hello

And to anyone else who I haven't named because I'm not going through all the names I have seen: Hello to you

So here's to 1000 days.
And many more because I'll never leave you :wub:


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