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The Order of the Paradox Announcement

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[b]The Paradox Council[/b]

Grandmaster: Richard Rahl
Grand Chancellor: WalkerNinja
Grand Hospitaller: Zac The Sage

[b] Heptagon[/b]

Ojiras Ajeridas
Carl the Conqueror
Crazy Canuck
Seasons of Love[/center]

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[quote name='SanderP' timestamp='1307744188' post='2728820']
Oh god, RR in charge? You're all doomed.

Congrats to our paradoxian brodas!

I saw that you had the FoTO mask today and thought you quit. I didn't know you were in Argent.

Sander K > You

Oh yeah. Congrats to the new slave masters!

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[quote name='Richard Rahl' timestamp='1307740799' post='2728796']
Thank you to Timberland and Sky for their great service to TOP and congrats to the new Heptagonals (Sky :P)!
What can I say, I can't fully retire. I have to keep y'all in check :P

[quote name='Omniscient1' timestamp='1307740818' post='2728800']
hmmm I like Skygreenchick so I'll say congrats. :)
:) Thanks!

[quote name='WalkerNinja' timestamp='1307748068' post='2728853']
Death to the Blue Colony!

Oh, sorry, wrong announcement.

Thanks for all of the hard work (especially SkyGreenChick). Former Grand Chancellor was a layabout whoever he was...
:) Thanks.

It was an interesting 10 months in IA. It feels good to be retired. Our new line up looks great. Thank you to Timberland for his work. :)

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