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Franken in Frankreich

Kaiser Martens

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Guarded by the Franco-German Brigade, bearing its usual mix of French and German emblems, two members of the Triumvirate approached Paris in order to congratulate the rising nation as well as to try to continue to promote European stability.

A meeting at Paris had been scheduled, and the representatives had arrived, it was an unusual occation since normally Germanic Union had sent only One Althing member, instead of two. But soon enough they are there, ready to greet their counterparts, with interpreters at their side so that their messages may be relayed into French if needed.

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The two members of the Althing were met at the point of arrival by Speaker of the Tribunal General Julien Jhudiel, accompanied by Senior Tribune Colonel Josef van Buuren. After exchanging greetings, the Tribunes and their Germanic counterparts would be taken by a armoured escort to Palais Bourbon, the current seat of the government where the Tribunal presided over the matters of the nation. While most national matters were overseen by all seven of the Tribunes, matters of international affairs and foreign relations were handled by the Speaker and one of the Senior Tribunes, usually van Buuren.

After arriving at Palais Bourbon and entering a private conference room where the meeting would take place, Jhudiel looked to his counterparts and said, "I understand the Germanic Union wishes to discuss something with Eastern France concerning our relations and the overall status of Europe on the whole."

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"Hello, and, you are correct."

"As France has received many of our people, we feel again compelled to be able to defend France if such a thing, Odin forbid, should be ever required. Besides, we have seen - we continue to see - a wave of changes, unpredictability and in some cases even religious extremism throughout our continent. We think that since France, which had traditionally been at the core of European unstability, is now in fact through your administration proving to be one of the safe stones of the continent, we should have either the Option or otherwise Obligation to defend one another."

"That will mean that the likelihood of ongoing European problems, as well as future issues through its lands, are less likely to give either of us any problems. Besides France is quickly becoming one of our most important Trade Partners, and we should make sure that both of us are able to exploit this good situation."

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"Indeed, the Tribunal has somberly observed the sudden wave of religious fanaticism that has sprung up in Europe, along with other similar problems, as you have said, spreading throughout the continent," van Buuren remarked. "We have taken internal measures to ensure that Eastern France is not strongly affected, but we stand only to gain from the proposal you have suggested, as does Europe on the whole." Jhudiel nodded, and continued. "Eastern France would agree to a mutual defence and trading pact in order to strengthen our nations and hopefully strengthen the state of Europe against the threats it faces."

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"Very well. So be it. We will also be making it easier for your Citizens to visit our country, and of course, if anything else should be needed do let us know. May I ask, what is your current stance regarding Austria? I am a bit concerned that a mix of Crosses and Fasces may represent some trouble in the forseeable future, but we respect their sovereignty too much to simply have our way. Still, we should probably be careful."

A minute later, a treaty is brought. It has the following clauses:
[i]Mutual Defense
Optional Aggression
The lowering of trading tariffs
French may visit Germanic Union without visas
Intelligence Cooperation[/i]

"Hmm. Looks good, I believe."

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"As to Austria, I admit my knowledge of the latest events concerning the situation is not as detailed as I would like," Jhudiel continued."Concerns have been so focused on development in France that international matters have taken something of a back seat, if you can forgive that. However, we agree in that the worrying involvement of religion and religious sentiment could present potential problems in the future."

Both Jhudiel and van Buuren read over the document, and a moment later, Jhudiel glanced back up to the Althing representatives and stated, "We find this to be agreeable." Taking up a pen, he wrote:
With the Authority of the Tribunal of Eastern France,

General Julien Jhudiel, Speaker of the Tribunal[/i]

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