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If There's Something Strage in your Neighbourhood...


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Fellow Nations of Planet Bob, I speak to you today to announce the decleration of war between the Empire of the UK and the Republic of Pakistan.

A few days ago, the Republic of Pakistan raided a nation belonging to The Terran Empire alliance. After reporting that he had offered peace, The Republic of Pakistan made that nation glow with Nuclear Radiation.

After the last wave of rogue nations, about 12 months ago, the Federation of Allied Republics takes becoming rogue very serious. It is for this reason that two nations of the Federation, United Lands and TROAS, began hostilities with the Republic of Pakistan to try and regain control of that nation.

Nukes were first thrown by TROAS of FAR after the FAR Government declared The Republic of Pakistan a Nuclear Rogue.

The head of state of the Empire of the UK, myself, messaged Syedm of the Republic of Pakistan and requested that he offer peace to the two FAR nations and provide proof of that peace. The deadline for this was originally 1100 Hours Yesterday. Following the expiry of the war against the Terran Empire nation, that deadline was extended until 09:40:00 Hours this morning.

After a Nuclear Retalliation on both FAR Nations by the Republic of Pakistan, the Empire of the UK withdrew it's demands for peace.

It is with great sadness and disappointment that I must now announce the following.

Following the unauthorised attacks on another aligned nation, which by the Charter of the Federation of Allied Republics is prohibited, and following the collapse of potential peace agreements between the Republic of Pakistan, United Lands and TROAS.

I must announce that, as of 09:00:00 hours, the Empire of the UK is at war with the Republic of Pakistan. [/quote]

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