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Goldman Industries


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[i]Since 2015[/i]

Headquarters Located in Cleveland, United States of America.

Goldman Industries is a growing industrial corporation, set to supplying the world with automobiles, airplanes, boats, construction materials, bullets and other such materials. With over 40 factories in the United States, and more under construction, Goldman Industries supplies the nation with almost 50,000 jobs. Goldman Industries has designed over 200 airplanes, automobiles, boats and public buildings, of which 6 are already in production.

Created in 2015 by the Goldman brothers, Jim Goldman and Greg Goldman, the company was supplied by the US Government in an attempt to create jobs for those who lost them during the Midwest Revolution. Since Leaf Corporation and alike companies are banned from entering the United States, millions of citizens are now unemployed. Goldman Industries is here to help employ some of those citizens.

Goldman Industries currently offers these products: (ooc: don't mind me if I steal RL vehicless. They're all after the year 2005 anyway, so they wouldn't exist. ignore RL logos also.)

2015 Goldman Helm Model (Amount: 25,000 produced, 15,000 under production)


Cost: $15,540 Per Unit

2015 Goldman Model A (Amount: 12,000-13,000 under production)


Cost: $18,500 Per Unit

Quality 2015 Goldman New Age Yacht (Amount: 3 under production)


Cost: $8,007,000 Per Unit (190 ft)

2015 Goldman Yovelliti Yacht (Amount: 70 Under Production)


Cost: $65,000 Per Unit

2015 Goldman G1 Private Jet


Cost: $165,000+, for more information contact Goldman Industries.

Goldman Quality Bullets (Various types, please contact for information. Over 200,000+ bullets manufactured)


Cost: Individual Package: $5 - $25, depending on type, for 100 civilian grade bullets. Military Package (Please Schedule Meeting With Goldman Before Ordering): $500,000-$550,000, depending on type. 500,000 bullets. (May order tracer and other military-only bullets.)

[b]Any nation may purchase packages of designs and bullets, or allow a factory to be opened in their country for local production with no shipping fees.[/b]


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A member of the Missouri government contacted Goldman Industries asking if sales to local nations were still in operation and if they were then Missouri would like to purchuse one 2015 Goldman New Age Yacht for government use. If accepted then the amount would be transferred immediatly from a private account.

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Midwest Republic is open to all [b]legal[/b] trades and commerce. As long as the yacht or any other goods doesn't have illegal strings attached (such as drugs or illegally acquired money), it can be transported through MR.

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:Private message to Goldman Industries:
"We're greatly interested in purchasing at least 100 G-1 aircraft from you, to support greatly increasing our growing tourism industry. However, due to your current economic blockade we are curious if you has a possible solution to deliver such a large number of aircraft, we would consider allowing you to build a factory in a special economic zone on MoG[Corp] property and even provide the building materials to construct such a facility, but we lack the heavy machinery required to construct such aircraft, so we would need to find some solution to your economic crisis."

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Goldman Industries apologizes for late replies.


Your offer amounts to a total of:

8,337,000 dollars.

The aircraft and yacht will be available for pick up in the Midwest Republic, as we cannot legally transport items over Pravus Ignruo/ou borders.


The blockade is under discussion according to government sources. If we hold, we may eventually be able to ship the heavy machinery to your country for a factory.

100 G1 Planes would cost a total of $16,500,000, but if a factory is constructed in your nation, the total cost would only be $15,950,000.

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[size="3"][b]DEALS[/b][/size] [size="5"]DEALS[/size] [size="7"]DEALS[/size]

Goldman industries has released an entirely new line of vehicles! Offering exciting, cheap and original luxury private transportation, such as helicopters, jets and even our new line of submarines, Goldman Industries are stretching their hand toward the middle class in an attempt to make all of their products cheaper.

And so, with the sole exception of our bullets, Goldman Industries offers 20% off EVERY PRODUCT RELEASED BEFORE THIS ANNOUNCEMENT!

Now, for our new line of products (There is no limit here, we will make as many as the customers are buying!):

Goldman Industries Luxury "Big Mama" Helicopter (ooc: ignore the odly placed boat)


Cost: 64,000 per unit.

Goldman Brothers Luxury "Big Daddy" Personal Submarine (extremely limited supply; preorder and payment required before construction)


Cost: $79.6 Million Per Unit

Goldman Brothers/Industries Luxury "Papa Bear" V-2 Coach

Cost: 34,000 per unit

Goldman Brothers / Goldman Industries / America Co.Industries / Johan Electronics & Power Company / United States Tourism Department / American Airlines / United States Air Force / National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Luxury "Manned Cloud" Airship (extremely limited; manned clouds serve the same purpose as a cruise ship, and thus are not to be bought by individual persons or non-tourism companies. Airlines may also use this ship, and in fact are suggested to as an alternative for safe, comfortable and cheap travel. Furthermore, the manned cloud is a large and complex airship, and may take anywhere from 2-5 years for construction at least. 2 are currently under beginning construction by the US Air Force and Goldman Brothers/Industries. Expected time frame is anywhere from 3-10 years for full completetion and testing. The ships offer nearly ten thousand jobs in construction alone, not to mention the thousands in maintenence, service, piloting and other proffessions. As such, blueprints are for sale.)


Cost: $1.4 Billion Dollars Per Ship, due to size and interior. Some 500 passengers can fit inside the 1000ft monster blimp.

Goldman Industries and various other United States-born corporations and assets are especially proud to be working on the Manned Cloud. Other companies have been offered contracts and are expected to join in on the construction of these mega-ships.

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