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Recovery from the Spartan Insanity war.

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[i]As he leaned against his favorite tree, located on top of the ceremonial hill he closed his eyes. Mental images appeared of those dark days. It was as if he had returned to the great battle. He could hear the whistling and subsequence explosion of enemy artillery shells. The artillery that had taken so many of his soldiers' lives. So many of his friends. In his mind the image of the burning soldier he found in the trenches kept resurfacing. The soldier hadn't been able to help himself because his legs had been ripped off by a shell fragment. He never stood a chance. Partisan opened his eyes and the image disappeared.

Four months had passed since the Exodians had stood proud in the face of death. They had waged their war despite being outmatched and outnumbered. That war, sometimes referred to as the "Spartan Insanity war" had however left its marks on the Exodus.

At the conclusion nothing had been the same. Before the war, Exodus had been a thriving community with great aspirations. The war had ravaged its industry and destroyed its infrastructure. Food was scarce and crime rose to extreme levels. Nothing seemed to be left of the once-great Exodus. Yet, they had never given up hope and they had kept going until things started improving. As he lifted his head to take a glance at the city beneath him, he thought of his members. How they had picked up their shovels and axes without hesitation when the war concluded and went back to work. How they sang songs of freedom in a world filled with tears. He remembered how it had filled his heart with pride.

As he glanced down upon the city he identified the factories that had just been completed. He turned his attention to the east, where his men were in the process of transforming a military airfield into a civil airfield.[/i] "What progress we made" [i]He thought to himself and he closed his eyes again.[/i]

"Sir!" "Sir!"

[i]He wasn't sure how long he had slept but as he opened his eyes he recognized his personal assistant, waving a couple of papers around. The assistants eyes lightened up as he noticed the awakening of his boss.[/i] "What is the matter with him? He's never been this excited", [i]Partisan thought to himself.[/i]

[i]As the assistant walked closer he handed Partisan the documents.[/i] "We did it sir, we're back!"


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[quote name='Varianz' timestamp='1307490271' post='2726449']
Congrats guys :). [b]We promise to not get you rolled for a while [/b]so you can enjoy it :P

This makes me sad :( I had such high hopes in our treaty with you to get us some much needed rolling. My casualty count demands it!!! Make it happen nowwwww!!

No really I’m proud of the hard work our members have put in to get us back to 1mil. A big thank you to our allies and friends for the tech deals and rebuilding aid. We love all of you and would do it again without question.

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