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His Majesty Alexander Leopold the First, King of Svalbard, Watcher of the Northern Approaches and Defender of the Realm stood as he faced the television camera. Smiling lightly, the newest monarch in Europe began his remarks. "My People and People of the World, I am but a man, a man who before was a commoner who worked these very streets and lived in these very houses." Fingering his scepter lightly in his hands before continuing Leopold said "Today, I stand as your King. From my common roots and humble beginning as a University Student and Officer in the Military Police, I stand before you now with the message that anything is possible, I conquered adversity and like our nation of Svalbard, have now risen to the top. Now it is your turn, Our turn as the citizens of Svalbard. We must make the best of every opportunity we have in life, We must rise to every occasion. I announce to the World that Svalbard has come."

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"My, this is, like, the third time in, like, five minutes, that we had recognized new nations."

"This must be a new record, James."

"Indeed it is, Christopher. I'll notify the Norton World Records corporation to include that."



"The Holy Ursalian Empire recognizes Svalbard as a sovereign nation. You are welcome to send yours to Ursalia City, our capital."

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[quote name='Vince Sixx' timestamp='1307460943' post='2726121']
From Cascadia, the only comment that could be heard was some light giggling and chuckling.
Cascadia's immaturity has been noted. Broadcasting giggling should not be done in any form.

The United States of America recognize Svalbard and welcomes them to the international stage.

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