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[b]US Congress, Senate Elections Finished[/b]

Elections for US Congress and Senate have been finished, marking the official creation of the US Government. The two will work together on the many problems that face the United States of America.

[b]Steel Programs In The Works[/b]

Clevelands past was a highly industrialized city, a huge producer of steel and other metals. After jobs were outsourced and Cleveland lost its industry, the city fell into economic ruin. But with an announcement from one of the runners of US Congress, there appears to be plans of re-creating Cleveland's past life. Since countries that formerly were heavily industrialized are now mass producing high tech materials, a need for steel is possibly open. As such, Cleveland and many other cities will work towards supplying the world with plenty of steel for construction.

[b]Oscar McArthur, Johnathan Stewart and Hue Goldman Announce Presidential Campaigns[/b]

Mere weeks after independence from the Midwest Republic, Oscar McArthur announced that he will be running for the first US Presidential Campaign since George Bush in 2004. A member of the Democratic Party, he has not released hsi official statements on many issues.

Johnathan Stewart, a Republican, has also announced his decisions to run for President. While in the same party as Hue Goldman, Stewart wants to reinstall "Family Values" and keep good ole' American capitalism running strong. Hue Goldman said he will be working on cleanup and revival of the economy if he is elected.

[b]Key Bank Renewed; Becomes The Offical Bank of America[/b]

The Key Bank corporation has announced that they will be working with government officials to create an offical Bank of America. In an attempt to revive the American economy, Key Bank says they will be donating 25% of all funds earned to the United States government. All Americans will also recieve various discounts on offers.

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[b]Donald Trump Announces Run For President. [/b]

In a shocking new twist, Donald Trump, Chairman and CEO of The Trump Organization, announced his decision to join the presidential rat race at a recent press conference. Trump says that the new United States needs a reliable, trustworthy American to become its first leader. Oscar McArthur, the only current democratic candidate, was not available for comment.

[b]Fourteen Killed In Tragic Bus Crash[/b]

Goldman Industries is recalling all V-2 buses after a shocking discovery: turning signals simply do not work. This glaring error was only seen after a V-2 Bus collided with a heavy eight-wheeler truck on Interstate 77. The bus was carrying the band Rascal Flatts for their recent 2011 United States tour. Upon an attempt to change lanes, the broken turning signal did not warn the truck driver that the bus was about to move. It collided with the back of the bus, causing both vehicles to overturn. A second car, a Prius, was crushed by the truck and both passengers were killed. The truck driver was killed, along with all of Rascal Flatts, the bus driver and multiple employees of the band.

Goldman Industries is giving the families of the victims $500,000 in settlement and has issues a full apology. The truck driver's family has not accepted the settlement and is suing Goldman Industries.

[b]Leaf Corporation Owned Buildings Torn Down[/b]

The United States of America has torn down all buildings owned by Leaf Corporation after banning the company from it's borders. There are currently no plans for the empty plots, though some have suggested turning them into memorials.

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