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And Again to the Motherland!


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Hello, I am Lilly.

In past I have led several alliances, most of which have failed to to newbs and such being placed in possitions they should not... But that's because my resources were thin, I mean, use what ya got, right?

I plan for it to be Russian themed, for the most part. Right now I am in need of members, anyone wanting to join can be placed in a gov possition if requested/they have experince.

The members who plan to join may propose protectors.Once we have a solid one we will be established.

Anyone wanting membership may come to #USSR

If I can't be found, go to http://cnforestclan.freeforums.org/ (Ignore the add) And make an account.

Thankyou, and remember, if you have nothing good to say, please don't say it... <.<

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