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The end is here

Eggman Empire

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Isaac Muskalov Kintober kicked the door open with a bang. He frantically scanned the rooftop before his eyes found a solitary figure on the edge of the roof. "Evening Emperor. Come for the view?" The other man said, gesturing to the horizon. Off in the distance, Robotropolis burned from fires started by rioters and rebels. The sound of small arms and heavy weapons fire crackled in the distance.

"Hank..." It was the only word Isaac could manage. The hate and anger in Isaac's voice conveyed exactly what he felt.

"Thousands of innocents have died. Thousands more will follow. The government is collapsing. Opportunistic generals are trying to take advantage of the situation and are trying to start their own personal countries. I'm surprised General Yerkes is part of that group. Always figured he'd be loyal." Hank said with a grin.

"Why? My father is dead, and so are the scientists who tormented you! Why do this?!" Isaac said in helpless rage. Hank fixed him with a psychotic smirk.

"This nation is evil. The benefits it's people enjoy come from dank labs that feed off misery and suffering and turns it into medical products. It uses young children as test subjects and soldiers. The facility still creates Happy Smiler Supersoldiers; their labs still torment innocents to 'Advance the cause of science.' I'm putting an end to it. I'm delivering justice!" Hank's smirk turned into a sneer of anger as he pulled a knife out of his coat.

"Maybe I can't save this nation. But I'm damn sure going to stop it's killer." Isaac growled, pulling out a combat knife of his own. The fight was over quickly. The chemicals used to give Hank super-human abilities had aged and turned against him. Whilst trying to slice Isaac's neck open, a sudden pain ignited in Hank's gut and raced up his spine, momentarily paralyzing him. Isaac promptly stabbing him in the heart. A look of surprise blossomed on Hank's face as he slowly sank to the ground. Still, he looked up at Isaac and grinned.

"Tick...tock..." He gasped out, and held up a wrist watch. There was a countdown on it. Seven minutes and dwindling. Isaac realized what Hank had done. The Emperor of Eggman Empire pulled his knife out of Hanks chest and stabbed him in the throat. The blade severed his spine. Hank gurgled and slumped over. The Eggman Empire's most wanted was now dead. Isaac wasted no time however. He rushed back downstairs to his office. There another man greeted him. Nick Haymaker had served in the army under Sammy Kintober, and was now one of Isaac's personal body guards.

"I take it Hank is dead?" He asked. Isaac nodded.

"Yeah, but I think he planted a bomb or something nearby. I don't want to be around when it goes off." Isaac replied quickly. Nick nodded. He pushed a nearby bookshelf over to reveal a thick, steel door. A keypad and an ID card reader were next to it. Isaac hurried over, punched in the code, and put his card in the slot. The door opened with a hiss to reveal a set of stairs. They entered, shut the door behind them, and scurried down the flights of steps. At the bottom, they came across another door which required a code and ID card. Isaac provided both and they moved onward. Behind the door was a corridor that eventually led to [i]another[/i] metal door. This one required a DNA sample as well as a code and ID card. The door swung open and Isaac found himself face-to-face with the muzzle of an M4.

"Honey, I'm home." He said blankly. Avita Karnikov Kintober lowered her weapon and grinned.

"About time you showed up. Hank is dealt with, I take it?" Isaac nodded and kissed his wife.

"Yeah, but I think he left us a present." He moved over to a different part of the bunker they were in. In this section was a bank of computers that received data from all across Eggman Empire. Sitting in front of it was Isaac's "brother", Kenny Kintober.

"Oh !@#$! Getting a massive radiological spike from Robotropolis. Someone just set off a nuke!" Kenny exclaimed. The bunker's lights flickered slightly as the blastwave from the nuke tore into the Imperial palace the bunker was under.

"That crazy !@#$%^&..." Isaac muttered.

"So what do we do now?" Avita asked.

"The Eggman Empire is gone. The Kintober legacy is gone. The nation is slowly tearing itself to pieces. The only thing we do now is wait for everything to die down and then find a nice place to live out the rest of our lives." Isaac replied solemnly. There was nothing left for them now. Eggman Empire had ceased to be.
OOC: Hey guys, it's been a blast. Spending time with this community has given me alot of joy and laughs. I wish I could continue but my schedule is about to become incredibly more hectic. And I'll looking at long stretches of time where I have no reliable internet access. I would like to thank Sarah Tintagyl, Acca Dacca, HHAYD, Generalissimo, SubtleKnifeWielder, and Californian for providing some of my more enjoyable RP threads. In addition to them, I'd like to thank the RP community as a whole. You guys are awesome. I hope some of you write books someday for me to read.

As for who get's my nation, I give all my land holdings to Californian for him to use as he see's fit. Ask nicely and maybe he'll give you some. That's all ladies and gentlemen. Keep on rockin'.

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