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PresidentDavid's OOC Thread


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[b]Susan O'Neil[/b]

Age: 24
Profession: Chief Diplomat of The Untied States of The Islands
Ethnicity: Irish
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Red
Religion: Catholic
Sex: Female


Susan O'Neil is the Chief Diplomat of the United States of The Islands. She has been chief diplomat of the Islands since David has been President. Susan and David secretly love each other but ever since the nuclear disaster it was revealed that David loves her. Susan wants David to pop the question but he is terrified of nothing but this.
Susan was born in Cork, Ireland.


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[b]David Anthony O'Reilly[/b]

Age: 26
Profession: The President of The United States of The Islands
Ethnicity: Irish
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Religion: Catholic
Sex: Male


President David O'Reilly is the first President of The United States of The Islands. He is currently in his second term of his presidency and will possibly be the best President in the history of the nation. He lead the nation through a civil war and defeated the communists. He has lead to the expansion of the country to the Western Isles and has even stood up to the English to show them that the United States will not be pushed around. David is in love with Susan O'Neil and hopes to marry her. He is afraid to pop the question but will soon - hopefully.


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[b]Some Stuff About The People of The United States of The Islands[/b]

The United States of The Islands (USI) is an interesting place. There are three geographical regions of the United States. Two of which have a distinct culture that has gone undisturbed for a very long time. The third is waiting to have culture brought to it.

[i]The Island[/i]

The Island is the first geographical region that makes up the current United States. In the beginning, the USI was known as the United States of The Island, not The United States of The Island[b]s[/b]. The country only consisted of The Island and have several different nations within it. It was more of a confederacy then a nation! But David Anthony O'Reilly, the first President of the confederacy, united all of the nations into one united Republic. The former nations united under several principals. One being that isolationism is a priority to keep the culture of the country as it has always been. Currently today, law makers are working on making the Island one state.

Shortly after the formation of the United States of The Island, the country was brought into a terrible Civil War with a Communist tyrant in the North and President O'Reilly in the South. After a long time of anguish and war, President O'Reilly defeated the Communist dictator of the North and reunited the country and brought victory to our people.

An overwhelming majority of the people on the Island are Irish. A tiny minority are Sottish. This has always given the Islands pro-relations with Ireland. Ireland is the only region on the planet that Congress and the States approved to allow immigrants from. It also has less restrictions when it comes to tourism.
Recent tensions arose when England claimed Ireland after the fall of the Kingdom of Ireland and ever since Islands and English relations have been sticky.

The Island has a distinct culture with a local religion that still isn't known to the outside world for the most part. Most people still use black powder fire arms (Muskets). Nearly the entire country is Catholic, and almost all are politically active. The people of the Island are known to be very moral, religious, and pro-Liberty. Such a large majority of the country is Capitalist, that how to run the economy is not even an issue. The answer is: by Capitalism. The people pay attention to more important matters like foreign relations, Ireland, and statehood of the Western Isles.

The people of the Island do not like forefingers outside of the British Isles, which is why isolationism is, not in full effect, but still used to a strong extent.

[i]Next: The Western Isles[/i]

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