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Today four allied alliances become unified under one banner. Together we will strive for the betterment of our alliances and the defense of our allies. United we will stand strong and weather any storms that try to beat us down.

The Sentinel Stands Guard!

By signing this document, all the signatory alliances agree to the articles stated below and enter into this agreement with full knowledge of its contents.

Article I - Article of Non-Aggression
Section 1) No signatory shall engage in hostile actions upon another.
Section 2) No signatory shall offer aid (financial or informative) to an enemy of another.

Article II - Article of Mutual Defense
Signatories are expected to come to the military aid of any other signatory upon request, in the event that they are aggressively attacked by outside forces. This includes if the signatory under attack got involved by mandatorily defending an outside treaty partner. However if the chain goes beyond a direct treaty partner of the bloc then defense is optional instead.

Article III - Article of Communication
Should the signatory alliances discover any intelligence that would expose a plot by a party hostile to any other signatory, then it is their duty to hand over such evidence to ensure the peace and prosperity of the signatories.

Article IV - Article of Optional Aggression
The signatory alliances in this document agree that if another signatory alliance starts an aggressive war against a 3rd party, they retain the option to help them in the aggressive war.

Article V – Article of Ascension & Withdrawal
Section 1) New signatories may be added to bloc upon the universal agreement of existing signatories.
Section 2) Signatories may withdraw from the bloc upon giving 72 hours of notice.

Article VI - Cora must drink tea, pinky extended, like a true Brit

The signatures below immediately enter this document as alliance law and formalize the good relations that exists between them[/quote]

[u][b]Signed [/b][/u]

Give Me Water

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Great to see this finalised. Our shared efforts will be concentrated upon our shared vision and our shared security. I am very happy to express our loyalty to our faithful friends. I look foward to our cooperative ventures. Cheers to the exciting times ahead! :)

Sentinel - Preserving unity through solidarity.

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[quote name='Xiphosis' timestamp='1307149616' post='2723390']
The irony of this line-up for a [i]military[/i] bloc is really fantastically funny.
We love you to GO-

Wait, didn't only one of your two members land any good hits on me in the war? Meh, come back later, iFOK did more damage than you. :smug:

You are such a fantastically blissful troll Xiph, I salute you in a way. In another, I want you thrown off a cliff. Hmmm

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I can't comment on the three other members, but you all have one of the best allies you could have in GDA.

[quote name='Ameris' timestamp='1307146861' post='2723370']
Congratulations to all

[quote name='Lord Boris' timestamp='1307146905' post='2723371']
Eh... don't know if like.

One of you two need tho change your avatar. That is very confusing.

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