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Laan Na Confederacy factbook

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Name of Nation: Laan Na Confederacy
National Flag: (Designing but the dominating colour will be red)
Capitol: Chiang Mai
Leader: Prince Yohd Chiang (Head of State; Present)
Chief Executive Title: Arch Minister (elective, four years term)
State Religion: Buddhism (Ceylon-Tai Yai rites)
Ethnicity: Tai
Language: Thai. Northern dialects (citizens), Burmese (Mystic cults language)
Government type: Revolutionary (1/6/2011-present)
Military Organisation:
- Laan Na National Army (recruiting status); The Standing Army, Belongs to Ministry of War
- Laan Na Council Guard (capitol garrison, at recruiting status); Honour Guard, also counts against military slot, Arch Minister commands this unit as long as he/she holds the office)
- Laan Na National Guard: Armed Citizenry ... aka. Militia, and this is the most numerous troops, armed with government approved weaponry. not so loyal to the government but the temporal constitution approved its existence as counter-coup d'Etat troops. their major roles however, were to operate vital infrastructures should its operator perform a strike.
- City State Armed Forces: The local armed forces previously belonged to the local nobility and princely. There are still a session pending the vote inside the National Council regarding to its future, the concept supporter credited those "Medieval" military formations for their major role of the Independency Wars. it is said that this army has access to the best weaponry since much of its composition was a defectee of 3rd Army during the civil wars
Peacekeeping organizations
- Laan Na Metropolitan Police: based on the U.S.A. police formations. operates within the city limit. belongs to the Ministry of Justic Affairs
- Laan Na Sheriffry: Also based on U.S.A. Sherriffs, operates outside the city limits, highways, railroad systems and also acts as border patrols. Belongs to Ministry of Interior
- Laan Na Office of Investigation: the FBI-style police. operates once the local police or sheriffs fails. also acts as counterspy units.
- Office of Arch Ministry: This is where the Arch Minister works
- Ministry of Interior,
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs
- Ministry of Education
- Ministry of Public Health and Welfare
- Ministry of War
- Ministry of Culture Affairs: Religion affairs (including Clergy orders) belongs here.
- Ministry of Sports affairs
- Ministry of Justice
- Ministry of Agriculture and Industry
- Ministry of Finance and Commerce
- Ministry of Science ,Technology and Energy Affairs
- Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

more on the national history on the next reply


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