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1000 days


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(This is actually about two weeks early, but I had some time to do this tonight and I won't have this much until mid-late July. No, I'm not leaving CN.)

So yeah, 1000 days here.

Found Cyber Nations through Wikipedia. Was bored and looked there to find a good browser game. The name caught my eye and I tried it out, and liked it.

So, October 2008. I started out getting one of my friends to play (who doesn't play anymore), and we both actually joined TDO for a brief period (3-4 days), then migrated out of there and to the Viridian Entente. I wasn't a huge fan of the green at the time (damned environmentalists! I was thinking) but they sounded pretty cool. I learned not long after that VE is actually one of the most conservative alliances in the game. I stayed in there for awhile, and didn't pay much attention to the world of Bob. I fought some rogues as a small nation, and had some fun doing that.

I did develop a bad habit that haunted me for awhile, though: I needed a change of scenery. I think this was about six months or so after I joined; it was around the same time I met and became instant friends with Dark-lunatic-k on Starcraft. We, along with a couple others, reformed Clan AcTiViSiOn on Starcraft then. I left VE and joined The Legion (Roman-sounding stuff? Cool, cool). Joining Legion was a bit of a culture-shock to me. There was a much greater focus on Bob as a whole than on the alliance (not necessarily a bad thing!). Before I joined, I don't think I was aware of NPO. It wasn't much longer after I joined that Karma happened. I fought hard, took some nukes, took some damage. I think it was directly after Karma that I became aware that Dark-lunatic-k, aka Batallion, played Cyber Nations.

Then came The Untouchables. We splintered off of Legion mostly, with a few others from outside. I swear, we were the most badass little micro alliance with all of the expertise we had in it. The problem was none of us had the persistence required to really jumpstart The Untouchables. We sat fluctuating between 10-20 or so members for several months over the summer. I spent awhile in there before I gave up and left to rejoin Viridian Entete...the first time. Then, suddenly, a month later, Batallion acquired the seat of GRAN. He invited me to be the second in command, and I accepted. This alliance didn't work out, but we got the chance to test out a lot. It had been downhill before we got it, and eventually, I got GRAN merged into VE. So I rejoined VE a second time in about three months. We laughed and joked that I left with 0.12 alliance score and brought back 1.41ish to VE. But, it still felt bad.

Then, at Starcraft AcTi, we decided we'd expand (and, eventually, totally migrate) into Cyber Nations. About two or so months passed if I remember this correctly. It was late 2009. We were days away from forming after weeks of planning when Polar and VE (suddenly, it seemed) were about to war. We formed AcTi in a rush, and I again felt like !@#$ for not helping out VE after them helping me out so much. I ended up warring Polar nations anyways, alliance affiliation AcTi or not.

After I did a round of that, AcTi embarked on a relatively quiet climb for several months until the Stelios incident. I remember it was when I was traveling for an LSU game. I stepped in and took the public portion to kind of entertain and pacify some people concerning it while Batallion figured his stuff out. I like to take credit for the peaceful resolution of that sometimes, but in reality, I don't know if I changed Batallion's mind or did nothing, but I never got on IRC for that. The 'temporary takeover' was totally fake and I just made it up as I went along. I admit it. :(

Every time I have traveled for an LSU game, something crazy and bad has happened to AcTi. Seriously. After a long period of growth and nothingness, I was over at another LSU game. Yes. The first time since the other one, since I don't go often. And !@#$ happens. The AcTi-Sirius war. God, dammit. Let me enjoy the night after an LSU game in Baton Rouge for once, people. :/

VE gave me quick protection after I furiously resigned, and, so, I rejoined. The third time. This time, I really $%&@ed up, and made VE look bad during my time there. It was here that I soiled really any reputation I had left. I resigned pretty shamefully and went back to being second in command of AcTi. Then this Thriller thing happened. I got a tip the one day out of every two weeks that I checked CN back then....seemeed like a lucky break, and I ordered the alliance into peace mode....but we all know how that went.

The job I always took (before AcTi) was diplomat. I was the most irresponsible, stereotypical CN diplomat. Sorry guys xP

Overall, this has been a fantastic timekiller, and I can say I've had some fun with it, but it's been the people in the alliances I resided in that have made it worthwhile. So, shoutouts.

This is more chronological and random than anything.

bergini - recruited me into VE. He made me make the best decision I ever made on Cyber Nations.

President Kuse - had some fun times in VE with you ;)

All the OOC and RP buddies from the VE forums - I know if I start naming you guys I'll forget someone

jorjor - was my friend early in VE and went far out of his way recently to help me out, I was very surprised. Thanks, dude.

lmcfalcon12 - was a great friend and supportive military squad/batallion or whatever leader in Legion

Mace Windu guy whose name escapes me - dealt with pertty bad !@#$%*ing from me one time in Legion with great understanding

Bill Wallace - always been a great friend of mine in VE, and a true friend who's not afraid to tell you when you're wrong

Ernesto Che Guevara - he singlehandedly makes me think of Europa as a great alliance. One hell of a guy and ship-building buddy

Goldielax/Impero - I originally split these two until I realized I had the same to say about both. Incredible people, have done so much more for me than I have given back, and yet do more for me than sometimes I even realize.

Dajobo - ironic I put him right after those but I do gotta say that he was at more one point the only guy during Thriller that I could talk straight with and know that I was getting the same back

King William IV - from Legion to Untouchables to talking to you on Starcraft you've always been a hell of a guy imo

Reptyler - another VE guy that I know has been on my side when others haven't and has always looked to and supported what's right

Finally a shoutout to some people who have deserved it for awhile

the whole of The Mushroom Kingdom - i've given y'all a lot of !@#$ in the past for really no reason and I know i've said this to some of you privately a while ago but for the rest: sorry for all of that !@#$ I gave you guys

all of you OWF prowlers i've locked horns with in the past - a general shout out and props to you guys

Message me any questions you have about anything here and I'll answer here.

1000 days,

Dead and Gone - T.I.

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[quote name='Teddyyo' timestamp='1307086876' post='2723017']Mace Windu guy whose name escapes me - dealt with pertty bad !@#$%*ing from me one time in Legion with great understanding
That would be Hubb. [url="http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=72605"]T.Hubb[/url] if you want to get precise.

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