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Supremacy of the Northern Lights

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[center][size="5"]Supremacy of the Northern Lights[/size]


[size="4"]Sometimes you just know when something is right, so without further delay;

Let it be known that on this 2nd day of June 2011 the Supreme Guardians and Aurora Borealis officially merge in order to form a more perfect union in which to provide for the membership.

All present treaties with Aurora Borealis remain intact and all members displaying the AA "Supreme Guardians" during the next 30 days are under the protection of Aurora Borealis.

Finalized on this 2nd day of June.

Nitroburn of Speedland

Nomdeplume of Namidia

The Evilest Eye of Neftyaniki[/size] [/center]

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Thought thread would be about TOP member Northernlights, was disappointed.

Interesting that more consolidations are taking place, we're in the beginning of a huge consolidation period it appears.

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As the newest member of AB leadership, I have been blessed with the chance to read some of the history of AB, written by the founders. I must say that I am impressed with the loyalty and dedication shown by these biographies. I would like to state publicly, for the members of SG who join AB, for the current members of AB, including government, and for Planet Bob, that I am deeply honored to become part of Aurora Borealis. I sincerely hope to live up to the high standards that these folks have every right to ask from me. After a lengthy chat yesterday with most of AB government, I believe that we will work very well together to improve and build our alliance. AB is dedicated to supporting it's members, and to responsible leadership, two qualities that I both respect and expect in any alliance.


NomDePlume of Namidia

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