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Reformation of the Midwest Republic


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[center]Much has changed. The ultra-capitalist forces and President George have been defeated. Ohio has declared independence. It is time for rebuilding as the civil war has inflicted a heavy toll on the infrastructure and the people.

Let us remember to not to go through the same horrors as the previous Midwest Republic went through. Blatant human ownership through mass gene patenting, legalization of theft of people's body parts by the courts, organizations and people seizing property from each other without fair pay with the courts' backing, legalization of anti-competitive practices and massive corruption. We have seen the horrors of the government turning from the government of the people, by the people, for the people, into the government of the pigs, by the pigs, for the pigs. We shall not repeat our past. We shall not.[/center]

-President Natas, President of the Midwest Republic.

Additions to the Midwest Republic Constitution:

[i][b]Article 8, Amendments:[/b]

1st Amendment: Any form of entrapments or baiting victims into conducting actions they would have never done is illegal, and such victims are not responsible for their actions.

2nd Amendment: People maintain full ownership of their body parts, tissues, cells and genes even if they have been extracted.

3rd Amendment: Material or ideas that already existed or existed in nature can not be patented.

4rd Amendment: All anti-competitive practices are banned.

5th Amendment: The federal government and the states are not allowed to favor one organization or person over another.

6th Amendment: Citizens are allowed to hold an emergency presidential or legislative election if at least one percent of the population filed a petition or if three fourths of the states' legislatives vote for a petition.[/i]

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