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Announcing very srs bsns

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The commie faction on planet Bob is in relief. After an agonizing 8 days of elections [i]and[/i] 2 days of a runoff election to decide who would become the new GenCom, elections for the 16th Central Committee of the International are finally over! I can happily announce that these fine comrades were elected:

[b]General Commissar[/b]: Q
[b]General Secretary[/b]: Sir Pwnage
[b]Liaison Commissar[/b]: MutedFaith
[b]Martial Commissar[/b]: Comrade Trotsky
[b]Treasury Commissar[/b]: Fraulein Lexie
[b]Membership Commissar[/b]: Jackred

[i]In other important news[/i]: INT has declared June to be [b]Korky Buchek month[/b]! Accordingly we've adopted a [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlPs95dgRYw]new anthem to his everlasting honor (with text, so sing along!)[/url].

Thank you and have a nice communist party


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[quote name='Stefano Palmieri' timestamp='1307065350' post='2722868']
Needs less Trotsky :v:. Otherwise congrats to those elected.

Lies. I am the best thing that's ever happened to the CC :lol1:

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[quote name='Finnish Commie' timestamp='1307046459' post='2722742']
I wonder how many times CPCN used that Communist Party image :P

Congrats to all elected :v:

About 100 times when I was a member and I wasn't a member for that long

Congratz to those elected. Commie power

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[quote name='Cataduanes' timestamp='1307493257' post='2726485']
I seem to remember the SWF and ICP (The ill-fated reformed ICP) using it on occasions.

Nonetheless, the valid point remains. There is a notable lack of visionary propaganda from the current General Commissar and his counterrevolutionary regime.

...but fear not. I have purged the General Secretary and the head of the military, and am hours away from installing myself as the new General Secretary. This reactionary coup will be undone, and those that participated will taste justice in the form of a bullet in the back of the head.

Or maybe I'll just send them to bed without dessert.


Edited by Comrade Craig
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