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3br + uranium trade circle


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Color will be chosen later. Join or else!

Lumber: Peoples Republic
Water: Dingo
Cattle: Dingo
Pigs: Peoples Republic

Bonus Resources:

Beer: Increases population happiness + 2. Requires Water, Wheat, Lumber, and Aluminum.

Construction: Reduces infrastructure cost -5% and raises the aircraft limit +10. Requires Lumber, Iron, Marble, Aluminum, and a technology level greater than 5.

Fast Food: Increases population happiness + 2. Requires Cattle, Sugar, Spices, and Pigs.


Fish: Fish is the best resource in the game. Increases number of citizens +8%

Uranium: Uranium allow nations to develop nuclear weapons only if that nation's government preference supports nuclear weapons. If a nations government preference favors nuclear technology for the use of nuclear power plants but does not support nuclear weapons then the nation will receive +$3.00 per citizen and +$0.15 for every level of tech purchased up to level 30.

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[s]I'm interested.


Spices & Fish[/s]

[b]EDIT:[/b] For those who might have been interested in this trade circle, the organizer apparently formed another one, this is dead now.

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