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The State of The Brain

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[center][i]It's time for another one of those messages from...[/i]
It's been some time, baby. Let's take a ride on the...


The Mouth of The Brain, Xiao Weng here with all the Brainy news you'd be fit to digest, and a little more about forty smooth sailors in one rough sea.

Since you joined us last we'd just negotiated the sweetest of terms from the League of Small Superpowers, and we sampled only the freshest and fattest of tunes that these cats had to offer. Let me tell you, baby, it was a [i]jamboree[/i].

But then The Brain thought to itself, "Why not expand our musical repitoire? There's a whole host of fine musicians to listen to, some of which hunger for The Brain and its per-capita purchasing power."

[SIZE=1][i]An enterprising artist who continues to produce from beyond the grave[/i][/SIZE]

And so we embarked on our search. Truth be told, baby, we got so into it we lost track of [i]time[/i]. So it was a surprise to me when the Pons scratched the vinyl and said, "We've got some [i]news[/i]."

What news could that be, gentle listeners? Only the brainiest. Our little slice of soul just got a little larger.


[b]2,000,000+ NS[/b]. Rich and smooth, like a man should drink his coffee. Five hundred nukes, because we [i]hard[/i].

On a sadder note, we had a third of our Central Nervous System up and [i]retire[/i]. It left us listless, fallow. We drooled a little bit on the left side. Our feet shuffled, and our Neurons kept running into walls. This had to change!

And so, the rest of the Central Nervous System put their power together and decided, 'Who would be best to fill that spot?'

The first two names suggested were Freelancer's and my own, gentle listeners.

And it was then a great Shout was heard from the ramparts, and lo did the seas run red, and the sky grew dark. A Voice echoed from the heavens, and lo did it say, "Those two will [i]never[/i] be in charge, do you hear me?"

Suitably cowed, The Brain's leaders made their decision, but they didn't stop there.

[b][SIZE=5]The Central Nervous System[/SIZE][/b]

[URL=http://thebrainalliance.com/index.php?showuser=695]Friar Tuckman[/URL]

[b][SIZE=5]The Mensa's[/SIZE][/b] (Retired CNS)


[b][SIZE=5]The Mouth of The Brain[/SIZE][/b]

[URL=http://thebrainalliance.com/index.php?showuser=279]The Illustrious Xiao Weng[/URL]

[b][SIZE=5]The Brain Trust[/SIZE][/b]

[i]Cerebellum (War):[/i] [URL=http://thebrainalliance.com/index.php?showuser=680]Doom[/URL]
[i]Cerebral Cortex (Internal Affairs):[/i] [URL=http://thebrainalliance.com/index.php?showuser=6]Freelancer[/URL]
[i]Temporal Lobe (Foreign Relations):[/i] [URL=http://thebrainalliance.com/index.php?showuser=672]Mars Lars[/URL]
[i]Brain Stem (Economics):[/i] [URL=http://thebrainalliance.com/index.php?showuser=367]Octavion[/URL]

[i]Parietal Lobe (Recruitment):[/i] TBA

[b][SIZE=5]The Pons[/SIZE][/b]


[SIZE=2][i]Disclaimer: Yes, we're aware the Pons are not technically government, but they're forum mods and they're important to know.[/i][/SIZE]

As you cats can see, they went and gave me a title. And before you ask, you [i]know[/i] it's already gone to my head.

You may also spit-take as the well-known Freelancer has the Internal Affairs spot. The Brain wants you to know that he's our watchdog, and sniffs out the bad apples in the barrel and keeps those forums tight.

(In short, kids, the decisions don't lie with me or with Free. You can exhale, now. Yes, I know you were holding your breath.)

The Brain also signed, as you gentle listeners should already know, a Covenant with the OBR. Think what you may of these cats, they've always been [i]solid[/i] and it's a smart move to treat with these fine people. Really, a rose by any other name smells just as sweet, and one as fine and Black as the OBR is just rich in flavor.

One final piece of news, gentle listeners, and it's a news we've alluded to all over this announcement. You see, baby, it's no secret that relations have [i]chilled[/i] on Maroon, and not in the good way. Some misguided cats have made some questionable actions, and The Brain thought to itself, "What's the best way to respond to this?"

Well, your Mouth had a few ideas regarding some transmissions and the O'Jays, but that was quickly, and rightfully nixed as the Mouth shouldn't be spitting in the heat of irrational anger, right? Right. I'm glad you agree, gentle listeners.

It's been said that once you go Black, you never go back. It sounded fine enough to us Brainy cats, so we took them up on their offer.

The Brain, gentle listeners, has Gone Black.

This is the Mouth of The Brain, Xiao Weng, signing off. Remember, baby, all we do, we do for [i]you[/i], Digiterra.

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I'd like to make a personal shout out to [url="http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=14481"]Tulak Hord[/url] and his boys over at Sparta for the trade circles for some of our member's, Laslo Kenez, Laserwolf and [s]Mistress[/s] Empress Elizabeth from GATO for stopping by to find out just who we are and last but not least Lady Kirke and The OBR for there assistance through our entire change..

From the depths of The Rabbit Hole.. Freelancer out.

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Good Freelancer,

We are happy to help out wherever we can. Congratulations on the progress and new faces in leadership. I look forward to talking with them :)

O/ The Brain

Lady Kirke

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[quote name='Max Power' timestamp='1307026603' post='2722564']
Congrats on being almost 2/3 as hard as BN. :smug:

Looking good, guys. Seems like everyone's going black these days.


Thank You, you'll see why soon enough as I send this to Doom for his commentary.

Edited by Freelancer
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[quote name='Chuck Normis' timestamp='1307027857' post='2722573']
So you guys finally made the switch? Thought that wasn't ever gonna happen.

Truth be told, Xiao and I were planning the State of The Brain back in mid April, we both got really busy in RL and as our Mouth handles all our PR we waited till we could both contribute to the entertainment we so enjoy giving you all.

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[quote name='Max Power' timestamp='1307026603' post='2722564']
Congrats on being almost 2/3 as hard as BN. :smug:

Looking good, guys. Seems like everyone's going black these days.

[quote name='Freelancer' timestamp='1307026795' post='2722565']
Thank You, you'll see why soon enough as I send this to Doom for his commentary.
Almost 2/3 as hard? I'm sure the wife mentioned something like that to me in passing, not sure what she was on about though, perhaps she's secretly a Ninja.

Indeed my good man, it seems that change was inevitable.

As a life-long Marooner, at first I voiced dissent to the question of whether to switch teams, however when deprived of my daily dose of Prozium, it all made sense, kind of like watching Lawnmower Man 2 after consuming a large quantity of Gold Seal.

But you know what, I still miss Maroon. :wub:

I miss the days when you've finally got your trades perfect and just before you collect you get a message saying that your Uranium trade has deleted. Then when you hunt through the bargain basement of the Grey team and obtain another Uranium trade to tide you over, you get another message, "Hey man, listen I'm sorry, but I'm moving to a trade circle on Black"...

Oh, the irony. Good times.

Change to Black + Awesome Growth = Coincidence?

Computer says no.

Edit: Forgot quote :facepalm:

Edited by General Argent Doom
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Congrats on all you've accomplished Brain and it has been fun getting to know you guys. :)

Edited by Laserwolf
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[quote name='Eumirbago' timestamp='1307023631' post='2722551']
Congrats to the new guys at government and your stats :)
Forever forward you guys :D
Thanks Eumir! Been a while since we talked - since before the collapse of UNSC I think.

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