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The Seraph Rises

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Greetings Bob,

I come before you all today to announce a new beginning, we're aware of the general expectations of microalliances on bob and we have no illusions about our starting numbers and the challenges we'll have to face to make this alliance work, we can safely say that we're more than up for them.

As of now, Seraph officially exists:

1. Preamble:
Seraph is founded by a few friends who have grown disillusioned with a world where the actions being made are dictated by the same old ideas, Seraph seeks to follow the ideals of change in the world, we will follow our own path rather than the path of whoever is in power, the membership come together under the idea that it is better to be part for an alliance that lasts for 4 days as an alliance representing change and ambition then to be part of an alliance that lasts for 4 years but who's only goal is to maintain it's position.

2. Membership in Seraph
2.1. Joining Seraph:
Any nation may join Seraph provided that they are not involved in any wars and are not on any ZI lists
Seraph is a black team alliance, unless you are already in a trade circle all members must be on black team
2.2. Member's Responsibilities:
All members of Seraph are required to show respect for one another
All members of Seraph are required to comply with all military requirements
All members of Seraph are expected to be active and partake in ongoing alliance operations
2.3 Leaving Seraph, provided that no debts are owed and that Seraph is at peace, any member may leave.
Should a member leave while debts are owed they will be expected to pay these debts back.
Should a member leave while at war without express government permission or surrender, they will be permanently expelled, and to the extent of Seraph's capacity, treated as an enemy of Seraph.

3. Government
Seraphs government falls into 2 categories:
The Triumvirate,

and The Council, consisting of:
Lord Of War
Lord Of Foreign Affairs
Lord of Internal Affairs
Lord of Economics
Each Lord will have up to 2 deputies

Any open triumvirate positions will be filled by a candidate agreed by the remaining triumvirs, Council positions however will be elected in elections that come round once every 2 months, You must have been a member of Seraph for a minimum of 30 days to take ANY government position.

Any member of government member can be removed by an alliance vote majority, any alliance member may start such a vote provided they have been in Seraph for at least 30 days.

4. Trade and aid.
Seraph members have the right to request assistance in finding a trade circle and in finding tech deals, It is the governments duty to ensure that these needs are accommodated.

In situations where other members of Seraph are in need of aid, you may be required to provide assistance either economically or military.

5. Foreign Relations and War
Tech Raiding:
In times of peace, Seraph recognizes the sovereignty and security of other alliances. An "alliance" is defined as a group of more than 5 or an alliance with diplomatic ties, anyone not meeting these requirements is considered unaligned.

Seraph members may raid any unaligned nations they wish, however, they do so at their own risk, if they find themselves in over their head they should not expect help from other Seraph members.

Treaties with other alliances, of all forms must be agreed upon by the Triumvirate and the Lord of Foreign Affairs, the Council may be asked for their input on the treaty, however it is not required for a treaty to be passed.

Only the triumvirate may declare war on another alliance on Seraphs behalf

Our forums can be found at: http://s4.zetaboards.com/Seraph/index/

and our IRC is #seraph


Lazaraus45, Seraph Tri
Morjon, Seraph Tri

TL;DR: I wanted to enjoy that Methrage feeling of self importance by spamming up the OWF with my micro AA, now i can :awesome:

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I'm not one to visit these parts (OWF) terribly often, but, well, like I've already said, we've been a little busy.

The number of fledglings seeking out our guidance over the course of our own existence is flattering, and we're happy to help those who put forth their own time, effort, blood, sweat and tears... ok, maybe not tears, there's no crying in Digiterran politics, right?

But I digress.

Once more I'm pleased to assist the efforts of another promising black team denizen:


[IMG]http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w331/AmazonNationAlliance/Flags/AzNsmall.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w331/AmazonNationAlliance/Flags/SeraphFlagSmall.png[/IMG]

With the desire to keep safe and instill the values of honor, honesty, and friendship within those who genuinely seek such guidance, the Amazon Nation pledges the following protection and support to the undersigned:

Article I: Sovereignty

The government of the undersigned Amazonian Protectorate may freely request diplomatic assistance and guidance in any matter. However, in the spirit of mutual respect and friendship, it is also understood and agreed that the sovereignty of each signatory shall be respected at all times, and shall not be infringed upon, including but not limited to the establishment of political ties and treaties, and in preferential trade status.

Article II: Friendship and Non Aggression

Neither signatory shall initiate acts of aggression or espionage in any form against the other. Members of each signatory shall address each other with dignity and respect at all times, in all forums and media, both public and private. While differences of opinions may arise and be expressed respectfully, blatant disrespect in any form shall not be tolerated by either signatory against the other.

Article III: Defense and Support

In the event of any unprovoked aggressive action against members of the undersigned Protectorate, the Amazon Nation shall freely offer aid and assistance first and foremost through diplomatic channels. Should all attempts at diplomacy fail, the Amazon Nation shall defend Her Protectorate to the utmost of Her abilities. However, to most effectively allow any Protectorate of the Amazon Nation continue to prosper and grow under the spirit of this Agreement, said Protectorate shall not be held in obligation to aid the Amazon Nation in the event of any aggressive action against Her.

Article IV: Cancellation

Should either signatory decide to draw an end to this Agreement for any reason, each shall be required to notify the other through private diplomatic channels. The Agreement remains binding and in full effect for 24 hours from the time notification of intent to cancel is received and acknowledged.

For Amazon Nation:

Randalla, Queen
Amarynth, Queen's Consort
Larethiel, Matriarch
Kerdor, Master of War
Elbryan, Master of Finance
BigKif, Master of Education
Lord King High, Master of Recruitment

For Seraph:

Internal Affairs: Morjon
Foreign Affairs: Lazaraus45

We're going to need a lot more coffee and popcorn, I think....

Also, I was told to say hi to my favorite Austrailian. No, you can't have my Amarynth. ;)

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[quote name='lazaraus45' timestamp='1306993259' post='2722420']
An "alliance" is defined as a group of less than 5 with no diplomatic ties, anyone not meeting these requirements is considered unaligned.

Good luck and all the best. No doubt AzN will be a good protector.

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[quote name='Merlinus' timestamp='1306996286' post='2722444']
Congratulations, Seraph. It's an honor to share a "Birth Day" with you. I think we're twins! :)

Much good luck on your journey.
Agreed, hope we can find some common ground in the future.

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[quote name='Salah adDin' timestamp='1307052278' post='2722776']
Best wishes for the future. Also, King Wally...we are waiting :)

Don't worry mate the NPL is a comin! Give us a few days we had a few benchmarks we wanted to hit first if you know what I mean ;)

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