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King James XVIII

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[center]Peace will take place at update tonight. It was a fun war and we thank Synergy for taking up our invitation to join the fight. Though there was much criticism on OWF about the war, in the end everyone had fun and enjoyed the fight--just about all we can ask for. [/center]

[center]King James XVIII and Burning Glory
King Cobras

Synergy Secretary General

Overlord Wes
Synergy Vice Secretary General[/center]

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[quote name='SoADarthCyfe6' timestamp='1307034319' post='2722612']
o/ Peace

It actually wasn't that short, it was 4 days, one less from the wars actually expiring.

Fun war however, Synergy is happy to be able to $%&@ some !@#$ up finally.

It was fairly short. But congrats guys

o/ Rebuilding

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