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ATemplar Knights Announcement

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I come to the OWF to make make a simple announcement.

Back in March a nation cunducted a series of spy attacks against a member of TTK's govt. This person had gotten away with those attacks causing lost money and general annoyance. We stayed quiet and watched who we thought could be the spy or spies. During such time a person claiming to be "the messenger" informed members of this govt that the person spied upon would be attacked. As a couple weeks went by and nothing happened I got an irc message from a nation and it covered the following.

<xxxxxx> What did he do
<anonymous> can I trust you
<xxxxx> Sure
<anonymous> well actually what happened isnt your concern
<anonymous> all I am going to tell you is we had arguments before
<xxxxx> Then why don't you reroll and make a nation that isn't blocked
<anonymous> why would I reroll when I am already far ahead
<anonymous> it would take me 1 year to get back were I am
<xxxxx> What's your NS
<anonymous> 20kns
<xxxxx> Is your in-game name anonymous?
<anonymous> I conducted spy ops on him
<anonymous> like 11
<anonymous> his alliance is scrambling to find out who it was
<anonymous> but they stopped b/c this was a while back
<xxxxx> I am not getting involved in stupid !@#$
<anonymous> come on you wont get dragged in this mess
<xxxxx> I don't care
<xxxxx> Get someone else
<anonymous> ok, then
<anonymous> at least send him a warning, if you want
<anonymous> he is going to get attacked soon
<<xxxxx> Did you not understand me the first time? I'm not getting involved.
<xxxxxx><anonymous> ok,

<XXXXX>You around?
<xxxxx> I thought you should see this
<anonymous> http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.aspnation_ID=333862
<Wiccan[TTK]>why would this person come to you?
<xxxxx>No idea
<xxxxx>They were in the #cybernations channel
<xxxxx>And asked everyone
<xxxxx>Then I trolled him some, then he queried Me.

Even before that conversation was done I was queried by:

<IS|NATO>have you read the logs they posted up
<wiccan[TTK]>from (XXXXX)?
<wiccan[TTK]>they really don't say anything we already did not know. so far
<wiccan[TTK]>it is all talk and no action
<IS|NATO>so you really think I made those spy attacks
<wiccan[TTK]>your name was never brought up.
<IS|NATO>well why I came to talk to you is because people did think I did it like (xxxxx) there was a huge mixup
<IS|NATO>because my sister intruded using my mask and a different nick
<wiccan[TTK]>he never mentioned you once.
<IS|NATO>ok, well I wanted to talk to come to you personally, I guess I just took this a tad to seriously.
<IS|NATO>to come to you*
<IS|NATO>well thank you for your time wiccan[ttk]
<IS|NATO>if you need anything I am always at our public channel
<wiccan[TTK]>and why would (XXXXX) bring this to Me?
<IS|NATO>well, there was a lot of stuff going on in the #cybernations channel
IS|NATO>he got kicked out for cursing
<IS|NATO>and said some guy named anonymous came to him telling him to send a message
<IS|NATO>he was just throwing out logs everywhere
<IS|NATO>and my sister made it worse
<IS|NATO>thats why I am here

To make it short and sweet I went and talked to NATO govt and they opened an internal investigation and after 10 days of playing tag, the truth about the situation started coming out in between lies told by the member in question. 2 days ago Devo came to Me and informed Me that IS[NATO] had finally fully admitted to the spy attacks and the threats against a TTK Elder Counciler.

I personally want to thank Devo and the rest of NATO govt for conducting their internal investigation and helping us catch the spying nation.

As of the time of this posting TTK is at war with the nation of ISS UNITED (http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?


This war will be a conventional 7 day war unless he fights back at which point it will be extended to 14 days.

If any nation who sends ( ISS UNITED) war aid during this time frame, that nation will be conducting an act of war on TTK. TTK will make 1 attempt to contact that persons alliance if there in no satisfatory agreement between TTK and that alliance, that aiding nation will suffer the same fate as "ISS UNITED".

TTK has had a long history of trying to do the right thing and respect alliances sovereignty, but this we will not let pass. We have discussed this with NATO and NATO has approved this course of action as a reasonable punishment. And I am sure you will be hearing from them as well soon.

IF you have any questions feel free to find Me on IRC. #TTK

Signed: Wiccan High Priest
Grandmaster OF TTK

Edited by wiccan high priest
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[quote name='Jacapo Saladin' timestamp='1306983903' post='2722327']
This needed a forum announcement, especially one so convoluted and wordy.

You needed to comment, especially one so snide and uppity

Have fun wiccan

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Thanks Wiccan,
It's never good to find out that an active member has decided to go on a personal revenge streak and then lie to their own gov repeatedly. Wiccan and the other TTK gov were very patient and reasonable as we continued to pursue the truth and broke through several stories that held no truths.

Beyond the bounds of the 7-14 day war, NATO has taken further action to penalize the member and we will see to it that he also pays up cash damages(not requested by TTK) along with various other internal restrictions. I would like to take this time to apologize to TTK for the damages and frustrations suffered at the hand of our member. We do not stand for this sort of behavior and will see to it that it doesn't happen again.

I am also available for questioning: #cnnato

Signed: Devo
NATO Secretary General

Edited for typo

Edited by dev0win
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Thanks for the professionalism TTK. In nearly four years of government and emeritus involvement with NATO, this has been one of the most bizarre series of events I've witnessed.

o7 TTK
o7 Closure to shenanigans

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Best of luck TTK !

Too bad the guy is out of Cyphon's range...

[quote name='Jacapo Saladin' timestamp='1306983903' post='2722327']
This needed a forum announcement, especially one so convoluted and wordy.


^ I truly wish more would follow the example of WHP's OP. It's called 'documentation' !

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[quote name='SirWilliam' timestamp='1307006818' post='2722480']
Nation no longer exists. So much for that!

With how the link was posted, it gave me the same message. I ended up pasting in the nation id and found the guy's nation.

Well played NATO and TTK - nice to see cooler heads prevailing.

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East bound and down... heading away from this mess. glad to see it wrap up nicely and that our friends in TTK had the professionalism and maturity to work with us on finding the truth and resolve to the matter.

cheers all around

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[quote name='Alaric' timestamp='1307012645' post='2722505']
Too bad the guy is out of Cyphon's range...

If Cyphon was as tough as he likes to think he is, he'd delete whatever he needs to, to get in range.

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