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New experience Nation looking for an alliance


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Hello everyone,

I previously had a nation about 2 year ago and forgot what alliance i was apart off. However i remember being utterly destroyed in a battle are small
alliance had joined against NPO ( I believe ). I have come back wishing to start new and hope i can find a decent alliance to get back in the game.

Thank you :)

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I am a member of Random Insanity Alliance, we're one of the smallest sanctioned alliances, we can provide start up aid, along with a bonus once you complete our academy program, and we can provide you with numerous tech buyers to help your nation grow quickly, we have a very laid back community and always love having new members or just new people to talk with, sign up for our forums and check us out if you'd like, or send me a PM ingame and I can answer any questions you may have.

http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=445021 <- my nation

http://rialliance.net/index.php <- Our forums

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Hi Mate I'd like to invite you to join my brand new alliance that only just launched a few days ago!

The Nuclear Proliferation League are cybernations specialist experts in assisting and training new nations through to the point of Nuclear Armament and our team of post-apocalyptic war veterans are on hand 24hrs a day to help guide you through the many steps it takes to transform your nation from a rainbow laden hippie commune into something Doctor Evil himself would be proud of.

Here's a bit of an overview on the NPL to update you on our details...


[b]NPL Quick Facts:[/b]
:nuke: Team: Aqua (But Accepting ALL Colors)
:nuke: Protection: Via Farkistan
:nuke: IRC: #NPL
:nuke: Forums: www.z15.invisionfree.com/NPL_CN
:nuke: Wiki Page: www.cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Nuclear_Proliferation_League
:nuke: Leadership: Triumvirate



Hope to hear from you soon! Oh and by the way we offer 3 million dollar new member grants to people like yourself who join so just drop me a line if you would like to know more :)

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Nice to meet you and welcome back to Bob.

Pax corvus is a peaceful alliance that resides on the black team but accepts all colors. We value integrity, neutrality, community and equality. We feel that you should have a place to grow in peace that will help you meet your goals of becoming bigger without having a target painted on your chest.

Visit as on coldfront at #PAX or on our forums at forum.paxcorvus.com.

Come for the coffee, stay because you share our values.

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Join Deinos!


We're all about having fun together, and being rad! We'll also build your nation up to peak capacity with over 9m in aid coming your way, plus enough tech deals to kill a mule. I--I'm sorry, I don't know why I said that. I don't want to kill any mules. I'm totally not racist against mules, guys.


Anyway, check us out! http://PARTYTOWNE.ca is the place to find us, and also the place to party(!).

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