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Nuclear Proliferation League

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Are your alliance members allowed to attack nations that are not part of your MDoAP?

Hi mate good to see you!

- We allow raiding of nations that are on the "none" AA. Easy targets and no drama involved.
- We allow wars against rogues and authorised threats, in fact we'd love you to mess them up nicely!
- We allow and expect all our members to stand tall in the defence + offensive strikes of the alliance during cybernations big Global Wars every 6-8 months. these Global wars will give any member 2-3 months of non stop action, with hundreds of war targets open and loads of aid and assistance to bloody them up to your full extent. If you do join the NPL now you will likely have just enough time to prepare your nation ready for next war season due in a couple months. We're a heavy war fighting alliance, and you may at a glance wonder why we don't just free for all against all non-allied alliances 12 months of the year but its because we like our members to prepare, and get nuclear weapons and other valuable war assets so when the world wars do come to town your ready to punch above your weight and have a strong impact on your enemies.

If you have any questions mate just hit me up o/
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