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Nuclear Proliferation League

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Love Nukes?

Wish you had Nukes but don't know where to start?

Dislike the local bully kicking sand in your face at the beach?

Enjoy the cozy confines of an atomic grade sub terrarium bunker complex?

Prefer your Alliance so radioactive it literally makes your testicles ache just logging on each day?

Well my friends your not the only one the good people at the Nuclear Proliferation League also share your vision!

The NPL are cybernations specialist experts in assisting and training new nations through to the point of Nuclear Armament and their team of post-apocalyptic war veterans are on hand 24hrs a day to help guide you through the many steps it takes to transform your nation from a rainbow laden hippie commune into something Doctor Evil himself would be proud of.

Now don't get me wrong the NPL are also great with all that boring stuff your accountant raves about each day as well trades, tech deals, new member aid, community spirit, blah blah blah you get the point if you've read about it in a generic SPAM recruitment memo it's covered. What we do different is take the time to mentor and guide new and developing nations through to the games real highlight NUKES!

Join today by clicking the "request to join alliance" tab here http://www.cybernations.net/alliance_display.asp?ID=10096 and by filling out a new member application at our off site *FORUMS*


NPL Quick Facts:
:nuke: Team: Aqua (But Accepting ALL Colors)
:nuke: MDoAP Allys: Fark, R&R, GO, New Polar Order, GOD and RIA
:nuke: IRC: #NPL
:nuke: Forums: www.npl-alliance.net
:nuke: In game request to join page: http://www.cybernations.net/alliance_display.asp?ID=10096 
:nuke: Wiki Page: www.cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Nuclear_Proliferation_League
:nuke: Leadership: Prime Minister - KemMo, Triumvirate - Gofast2006, King Wally, Smurthwaite

JOIN THE NPL TODAY! Edited by King Wally
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Join the NPL ... if its half as fun as it looks your set for a great time!

Edited by King Wally
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[quote name='Systemfailure' timestamp='1307178324' post='2723663']
by not joining this alliance you are consenting to being raided and nuked by me at a time of my choosing


Join NPL or SF does this... :o

PS - due to an influx of new recruits (up to 17 now) the NPL is currently on the look out for a skilled Lord of Internal Afairs... PM me in game if your interested.

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[quote name='Systemfailure' timestamp='1307282290' post='2724344']
Cash and Women are included in your pay as a LoIA...

Just a quick note to inform everyone that our LoIA position has been filled.

Many thanks to all that shot me PM's!

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