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Helfen, Wehren, Heilen


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The Großkomtur (vice/deputy master) of the Teutonic Knights signed the document finalizing the budget of the order. After she handed the official decree over to the Treßler (treasurer), she stood up from her seat and left her office, to have a short walk within the Church.

Laura Stuart was the highest ranking officer of the order, being right below the Grandmaster himself. Unlike most "Christian" orders, the new Teutonic Knights had an explicit policy of there being no gender restrictions unless the specific position required it. It was an unthinkable thing in other organized churches, but it was achieved, with a more hierarchical administrative structure than the original Deutscher Orden. It was fine enough for her, since the old system of the Grandmaster being a kind of first among equals despite the high formal position, and the Großgebietiger having autonomus power, would have been detrimental to the survival of the Knights. Strong leadership, provided by the Grandmaster Halvor Baader and herself, would be the stepping stone towards putting the belief on fertile ground.

Looking at the ceiling of the Church, she assured herself that the location of the headquarters was the perfect choice. There had been many who asked why the order was not reestablished in the old locations, such as Marienburg, Königsberg, Mergentheim, or Vienna. To state it simply, it was because of the established forces within those places. Prussia was the bastion of Martenism, while the old Red regime had almost completely annihilated the roots within the southern cities. It was in the eastern end of the Reich that there was the room for the Faith to gain a foothold, with the added benefit of building a bulwark against the resurgence of enemies along the borders. Livonia, that former realm of the order, was now slowly trying to gain a new identity. At the same time, to the north, the Finns were becoming a potential threat, with their combination of cultural assimilation and diplomatic expansionism.

Laura let out a small chuckle, as her brilliant blond hair shone in the light coming through the stained glass. The times called for a new belief, and the Order had come with the true Faith. Following the motto of "Help, Defend, Heal", it was the duty for the Knights to give new life to the folks, and to protect the realm from those who seeked to destroy it.

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The Trapier and the Marschall were not in a good mood.

They had been rushed to establish the miltiary wing of the order, in a fashion for akin to forming a milita rather than an order of Knights. But then, time was of essense, as the reestablishment already caused enough uproars to be heard all the way from Egypt, out of all places. At the same time, some of the more hardcore Pagans were still extremely hostile. To ensure the safety of the followers, there needed to be autonomous forces, and hence the Order took it upon itself to provide its own protection.

Yet, the process was actually smooth, when one thought about it. The military wing of the Order was already registered as a paramilitary organization, with the German Government having ultimate command in times of need. This would ensure that the Knights would be a formal organization, preventing anatogonists from proclaiming that the Teutonic Order was a terrorist organization. Total members numbered 30,000 so far, forming a force to be reckoned with. To this the two high officers were buying 100 second-hand MBTs in Nürnberg, to develop the cavalry. Once the Knights were mounted, anyone foolish enough to attempt the elimination of the Order would be facing severe resistence.



Shadows descended upon Hofburg Palace, the Habsburgs' principal winter residence. Passing through the Schweizerhof (Swiss Courtyard), five figures would attempt to break into the Schatzkammer (Imperial Treasury), targeting some of the holiest relics in existence.....

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[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfG09iLCKsM"]Underground Palace Zone - Act I[/url]

It had been a few days since the message had been sent from Rome to Vienna calling for a peace accord between the Republicans and the Monarchists. Bridgette had taken the opportunity to quickly return to Vienna to get things in order for the actual negotiations and the transference of power to the Papacy and her own ascension as Papal Administrator, effectively giving her back her Chancellor's position that she had lost before the Civil War. In the meantime, however, Bridgette had made herself available to Cardinal Lucchesi and his Congregation of Truth for their plans against the Teutonic Knights, the Templar Knights and Paganism as a whole. Their rhetoric for the Christianization of Europe easily caught her attention and she took it to heart with fervor. Her dream of a unified Europe, a united Christendom, a strong Austria, and above all else, placing herself at the top was finally in reach.

After returning to Vienna, Bridgette had not been allowed to set herself up near the Imperial Court, which was currently lounging at Schönbrunn Palace. Instead she was offered Hofburg Palace, given that her apartments in the city had been raided and were pretty much unlivable and given that she had been declared a traitor of the country, this was a rather nice surprise. Along with her guards, Bridgette brought along a large entourage consisting of Dr. Y and his pet projects. The Former Chancellor had become nearly an apprentice to the good doctor as well as something like a daughter to the lack of family he had waiting back home, wherever his home actually was. During her down time during the Civil War, which as the months dragged on was quite a bit, Bridgette immersed herself in all things mechanical and maniacal. He walked her through robotic construction of things both big and small. Simple machines that could do one single job as throw a ball or brew coffee to elegant and complex machines that could even serve on the front lines of a military force. Albeit they had a signature design in that these robots ran on clockwork and sometimes an added bit of steam, they were still a force to be reckoned with as Bridgette's personal guard.

The night that the Shadows descended on Hofburg Palace, Dr. Y and Bridgette were quietly promenading through the very sector of the palace that the figures were going to attempt to break into. Over the course of her stay, the Former Chancellor had explored nearly every section of the building. From the luxurious ballrooms and studies to the dank underbelly of the palace where mountains of gold and jewelry piled up as high as the gilded ceilings. Yet for all the jewelry and luxury there was one room that caught her attention about all else. Far back, beyond the treasury sector and other abandoned halls was a room that had not been opened since the Middle Ages. Stepping inside she gazed upon some of the most ancient and holy relics known in Christendom, including the Spear of Destiny, the very weapon that was supposed to have pierced the side of Christ. With the Papal merger only days away, Bridgette realized that a treasure of this caliber had to be kept safe not only for the Church's sake, but for her own means as well. For instance, if the Spear's true power could be discovered, what kind of power could it potentially give to the bearer. All that power for her own means. The thought was too much for her to handle.

Bridgette wasted no time then in working with Dr. Y to prepare what defenses and traps they could for anyone desperate enough to move through the underbelly of the palace. When the shadows would arrive the traps would only be half completed, even with the two geniuses working around the clock to create a fortress inside a fortress. Nevertheless she was confident in her abilities and walked through the gloom of the treasury with a smile on her face, thinking about the coming negotiations and her new position in the world.

"It might take time to get used to Bridgette." Said the Doctor as they passed through the mountains of sparkling gold and jewels. "You've been hunted for how long?"

"Oh I think I'll get along just fine. Maria wasn't able to curb my ambition and neither will His Holiness, the Pope. I mean it when I say, Doctor, I work best under pressure and against the wall."

"Well you managed to find your way back to a position of power so that must attest to something."

"Exactly, everything is going nearly according to plan all we need to happen now is-" As she spoke a soft buzzing went off in her pocket. Bridgette stopped and grabbed her cell phone and smiled as she flipped it open. A motion sensor located outside of the Treasury itself, which had been one of the first things installed by Bridgette and Dr. Y, gave off the thermal imaging of five figures. The door to the Treasury would swing open and the Teutonics, though she did not know that yet, would have the freedom to enter.

"A problem, Bridgette?" Dr. Y said looking over at the phone.

"Nothing that can't be solved, it would appear that our defenses are about to be tested."


"It would appear so." She touched him lightly on the shoulder and smiled. "I have to return to the Spear Room, our guests need to be greeted after all. I want to find out what they want as well. If they're after gold or jewels, they can be dispatched easy enough, if they're here for something more." Her eyes scanned back to the Treasure Room. "Well I have an idea. That said, are the prototypes ready?"

"Ready as they'll ever be."

"Beautiful, then let's bring on the welcome wagon."


When the Teutons would enter the Treasury they would fine the first chamber dark. Being the first of rooms to begin the descent into the underground, sparse light entered the few windows scattered through the halls. Yet even then, the brilliant glow of gold and other such items from further down the gloomy corridors beckoned the intruders ahead. On the ceiling hung various chandeliers, they were massive in size, cast in iron with dim candles burning on their wicks. The chandeliers themselves swung in a stale wind and their metal hooks and piercings were just illuminated by the small flames. These chandeliers were separated by large arches in the Gothic style and on the sides of the hall were armor statues of knights. Some with swords, others with maces, still more with crossbows. The furthest ones, those still out of sight were out of place as they had Gatling guns attached to their arms. As they would walk their footsteps would echo across the way, further down the darkened corridors and no sign that any person had been notified of their presence...until...

The lights would then suddenly illuminate for the Teutons and the underground chambers would echo with the bright, cheery voice of Bridgette Saenger.

"AH! MY FRIENDS! WELCOME TO HOFBURG PALACE! I would like to let each one of you know that you are trespassing on this ground illegally and that I do not take kindly to strangers who enter my home in the middle of the night so secretly and with intention to cause some kind of harm to either myself or my property. If you are assassins then I suggest you sharpen your swords or load your cartridges because I have survived much worse. If you are thieves, well, lets say that you will be fortunate to leave with your lives, let alone anything of value.

However I am a rather nice person, if you get to know me, which none of you will and I would be willing to work out a deal. If you all leave right now and promise to stay away and never return. Because trust me, I will know, then there won't be a penalty. However, if you decide to take even one step further then, we'll leave it to faith. Aye? Good.

Then let the games begin."

On the sides of the Treasury Room, red lights would appear beneath the eye guards of the armor statues.

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[quote name='Sarah Tintagyl' timestamp='1306957437' post='2722112']
OOC: Lol no. You might have won the spy rolls, but this isn't how it's going to fly. You have to RP it out. I'll have a thread up in a bit.

Nice try though :smug:

OOC: Confirming, each roll only covers one action.

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Some random guy in the Gestapo caught on with the news and had coffee spill through his nose in utter surprise and disbelief.


He hits his desk and complains about religious bigotry and mercenaries, then has a bunch of operatives try and reporty what's going on within the group. As he sees satellite images and more, he cannot believe his eyes.

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