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حركة الجهاد الإسلامي‎


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El Aaiún

The second largest city of the Agadir Branch, El Aaiún is a growing economic hub of Mogartopia's western coast. A multicultural and prosperous place, there were still a bit of instablility due to some of the conservative and extremist groups. Things were still well under control, enough to allow the director of the city, Yasir Al-Fulani, to keep security light. But this would prove to be a grave mistake.....

One morning, a rebellion started in the city and surrounding countryside by a group calling themselves the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSCP). Using various heavy weaponary, ranging from armored personal carriers to helicopters, they took the city by storm. Soon, the director would fall into enemy hands. Director Al-Fulani was dragged out of his residence by two GSPC soldiers. Other soldiers are on top of buildings. Helicopters swarm the area, as the voice of the rebellion leader, Khaled Al-Asad, is broadcast from speakers all over the city.

[i]Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat Emblem[/i][/center]

Al-Asad: اليوم نحن الارتفاع مرة أخرى كأمة واحدة ، في مواجهة الفساد وخيانة! - Today we rise again as one nation, in the face of betrayal and corruption!

Al-Fulani was dragged into a car and hit in the face by one of the soldiers. When he looked forward the car is driven by an GSPC soldier and an English speaking man, Victor Gordon, who are taking him to Al-Asad for a public execution. Al-Asad's speech continues to play over the radio.

Al-Asad: نحن موثوق بها عن هذا الرجل لتقديم أمتنا العظيمة في عصر جديد من الازدهار. - We all trusted this man to deliver our great nation into a new era of prosperity.

Soldiers are seen running down the sidewalk in the opposite direction of the car. At a fork soldiers stand on the side, firing into the air. Victor touches the driver and then points, leading the driver down a sandy, uphill drive, after a BMP. Soldiers are seen smoking on the sides. Victor gets a call on his cell-phone. He looks back at Al-Fulani and then gets back on the phone. Soldiers are seen strangling civilians back on the road.

Al-Asad: ولكن لدينا مثل الملكية قبل الثورة ، وقال انه تم بالتواطؤ مع الغرب ، مع الاهتمام فقط المصير في القلب! - But like our monarchy before the Revolution, he has been colluding with the West, with only self-interest at heart!

On one side of the road a soldier is seen pinning a civilian and then gutting him. On the other several soldiers are firing into buildings. A tank comes out of an alley closely followed by civilians. Soldiers aren't far behind. The tank stops near a market place, soldiers get out and start shooting and stabbing the shoppers. The car goes down a hill. At the bottom a garbage can is rolling with a human under it. The human gets out and is shot from behind. The car comes to an intersection. A truck chock full of soldiers goes ahead of the car. The other roads are swarmed with soldiers. The car follows the truck. They come to a fork. The truck goes left. In the middle is an empty concrete area behind a building. Many civilians are lined up against it with their hands behind their heads and their faces against the brick. Several civilians are on the ground being arrested by soldiers.

Al-Asad: تواطؤ السلالات العبودية! ولن نكون عبيدا! - Collusion breeds slavery! And we shall not be enslaved!

On a corner bend there was another empty area behind a building where some more civilians are being killed and arrested for resisting the GSPC. At the violent scene Victor tapped the driver's shoulder, and he looked, nodded, and turned back to the road. Civilians steal guns from soldiers and fire upon GSPC agents in a small courtyard. They are all killed. Soldiers exit a tank and run down the sidewalk. The car goes right at a fork into an alley with many posters of Al-Asad and dumpsters. Behind a dumpster a civilian is seen painting a picture of Al-Fulani onto the alley wall. He sprints off when the car comes near. A civilian is seen jumping a chain-link fence. A German shepherd is seen chasing him but he escapes.

Al-Asad: لقد حان الوقت لاظهار قوتنا الحقيقية. إنهم يقللون من شأن عزمنا. دعونا نظهر أننا لا نخاف منهم. كشعب واحد ، ونحن لدينا مجانا الناس من نير الاضطهاد الأجنبي! - The time has come to show our true strength. They underestimate our resolve. Let us show that we do not fear them. As one people, we shall free our bretheren from the yoke of foreign oppression!

A dumpster lid is lifted slightly. A civilian head is exposed. He quickly shuts it once the car moves. The car approaches a highway near the bay. Waves crash against the siderail. Soldiers run across from the right end to the left. The car turns right and follows the soldiers. On the left several soldiers sneak around a crashed truck and start firing up the road. The car goes straight. On the left many civilians are lined up with their backs facing the road. Soldiers reload and aim at them. As the car passes they fire and the bodies drop in a hail of gunfire.

Al-Asad: لدينا جيوش قوية وقضيتنا عادلة. - Our armies are strong and our cause is just.

The car turns left at a small courtyard where soldiers are lined up and tanks are parked.

Al-Asad: وأنا أتكلم ، جيوشنا تقترب من هدفها ، الذي سوف نقوم باستعادة استقلال أمة عظيمة مرة واحدة. - As I speak, our armies are nearing their objective, by which we will restore the independence of a once great nation.

The car travels down a deserted road. At the end are some soldiers talking and smoking. At the very end there is an arena on the right. Many soldiers are lined up here. They all fire their guns into the air as they cheer. The car stops outside the arena. A soldier opens the back door, another pulls Al-Fulani out, and throws him onto the ground.

Al-Asad: بدأت حملتنا النبيلة. - Our noble crusade has begun.

The soldier kicks Al-Fulani in the face, his vision blacking out. As Al-Fulani's vision comes to, two soldiers each take one of Al-Fulani's arms and lead him down the long hallway into the arena where Viktor Gordon awaits. The soldiers hold Al-Fulani in front of Gordon, who looks at him. He then nods and backs off. The soldiers begin to lead him towards a bloody, wooden stake in the middle of the arena.

Al-Asad: وكما أنه وضع النفايات لبلدنا ، ونحن يجب وضع النفايات إلى بلادهم. - Just as they lay waste to our country, we shall lay waste to their's.

The soldiers tie Al-Fulani up and soldiers cheer very loudly. Al-Asad looks at Gordon, who is holding a Gold Desert Eagle. Al-Asad approaches to take it. When Al-Asad first looks up, it looks as if Gordon is threatening him because he is aiming at Al-Asad. Al-Asad hesitates, and then Imran Gordon turns it over so Al-Asad could grip it. Al-Asad takes it and walks towards Al-Fulani. He looks into the camera (the execution is being filmed on live television). He tells the world...

Al-Asad: هذا ، هو كيف يبدأ. - This, is how it begins.

Al-Asad aims the Desert Eagle at Al-Fulani's face and fires the gun, executing Al-Fulani. The Director's vision instantly blacks out.

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With such rapid expansion and growth, some in MoG[Corp] were left behind, billions were spent building resorts and casinos in cape verde and the canary islands, but the officer left in charge of the western mainland had not been spending the credits given by the company to begin rebuilding the Moroccan wastes left behind from the freak hurricane and ensuing war that destroy the Great Western Alliance. The population wanted help and their cries hadn't been heard in Tripoli.

Mogar spun in his chair back and forth as he watched his employee die on television, turning off the broadcast when the screen went blank. As disappointed as he was in his selection of an obviously incompetent leader for the branch office, he realized without swift action this movement would spread like a virus throughout the corporation. "Miss Makoto, make a public statement condemning the violence. I want it known we support peaceful protests only, these terrorists will soon realize, violence will only be met with even more violence, and assemble 20,000 MoG[Defense] soldiers along with 500 tanks, we need to move against this threat quickly, but wait until we have gathered more intelligence before we send them in blindly, I will not waste any more lives of my Employees than I must."

"Soma! your source of happiness, buy some tod-...We interrupt this broadcast to bring you an announcement from Ayano Matoko, live from MoG[Tower]!" the screen cuts to her at a podium, taking a sip of water before speaking "It brings me great sadness to have to speak here tonight, MoG[Corp] has come under attack by terrorists in our western lands, they wish to overthrow the corporation, let it be known we harshly condemn anyone who wishes to take innocent life, even in the name of supposed "freedom", listen closely members of the GSPC, we will find you, and we will bring justice to you for the lives you have taken."

Private messages were sent to the Chief of Operations of every Branch of MoG[Corp], making sure they take extra precautions to protect themselves and the territory entrusted to them, and Tuyên Kanya, a female in her late 20s was given the job of Chief of Operations of the Western branch.

OOC: I rebuilt the cities you destroyed fizzy, just not enough to prevent discontent, now shh and let us get this moving.

Edited by Mogar
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"In resorting to violence upon your neighbors and brothers, by firing upon unarmed civilians, this group has proven itself to commit the same crimes it accuses its predecessors of. Power without justice is tyranny, and to do so in the name of the faith nothing short of blasphemy. Though we too have our differences, our prayers will be with Mogatopia as they see to the cleansing of this heretic uprising."

Signed ~ The leader of Zargathia´s largest islamic organization (which i ooc´ly forgot the name of)

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As MoG[Corp] mobilized its forces to destroy the insurrection, the GSCP consolidated its hold on El Aaiún and dashed west to Smara, with the aim of controlling the land within the first section of the "Berm," a defensive structure which stretched across the central part of the Western Branch. Making short work of the thin security, the group declared the establishment of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic


"The decadent, hypercapitalist regime that has control over our sacred fatherland has stated its intent to continue its occupation. We will not stand by while the Holy Words of Allah are buried under cheap slogans, as spirituality is submerged into a sea of materialism. No, that would not be following the words of the Prophet. As such only when we are free from the corrupted hands, only when we can eliminated the unclean infidels, could we be following the will of Allah. Our struggle shall continue!"

OOC: Yeah yeah, so I didn't want to waste that great speech of Al-Asad, big deal. Also, people should stop thinking they have a monopoly over a name that's not related to a specific character (like say, Vladimir Putin), especially when it's a placeholder name.

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[quote]classified to the People's Liberation Army

As much as We dislike asking for assistance in an internal matter, we'd like more information about the type of support you are willing to offer, as this rebellion has moderately advanced weaponry and we're not sure where it even came from.[/quote]
As intelligence on what towns were already lost to the movement poured in, locations were selected to deploy military forces.
Troops were given one anti aircraft rocket launcher for every ten soldiers in the group.

5,000 soldiers were deployed in Hawza, with 120 tanks as armor support.

10,000 soldiers were deployed to Tarfaya, with 500 MoG[Stars] and 250 snipers, along with 250 tanks.

5,000 soldiers were deployed in Tindouf, with 500 MoG[Stars] and 150 tanks.

10,000 soldiers were deployed to Meharrize, with a further 500 MoG[Stars] and 150 tanks.

Announcement from Ayano Matoko broadcast on MoG[TV] and MoG[Radio]: "These terrorists use Allah and twist the words of the Quran to try to appeal to the masses, but we are stronger than this, we are a Corporation united under the power of peace and prosperity, anyone who wishes to harm our peace will learn that we will unite against a common enemy, our people are free, and our people do not need to waste their lives attempting to harm others for believing in a different religion, because we are a multi-cultural and multi-religious region."

back in MoG[Tower] Mogar and a few interns were looking over the maps displaying the positions of the GSCP, putting together a strategy to choke the life out of this movement before it gained any further momentum, his commanders in the field were eager to begin reclaiming the lost lands, but patience was required for their aerial support to come into place.

MNS [i]Harvester of Disaster[/i] was in route to the Western Saharan coast, it would only be a day or so until everything was in place to strike.

Edited by Mogar
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