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Today, May 29th 20XX, marks a very, very, special day in MoG[Corp], after months of preparation, every citizen on MoG[Corp] property will be incorporated, it is the right of every citizen to have their stock traded publicly, to the betterment of all society, every citizen will have 100,000 shares, with 10,000 to be permanently owned by MoG[Corp] and 10,000 to be given to their parents at birth, until age 18, when the stock reverts back to the Citizen. Until they are 18, their stocks will not be on the market and they will have to attend school. All Citizens will trade their stocks on the Tripoli Stock Exchange(TSX) and may purchase shares of anyone they wish, including themselves. Citizens not in majority control of themselves will have their life decisions (ie job, further education, etc) decided by their shareholders, with a majority needed to make any decision. MoG[Corp] reserves the right to vote in decisions made during these cases, but most of the time will not interfere. MoG[Corp] also reserves the right to purchase more than the minimum 10,000 shares. signing up for MoG[Military] service will allow citizens to be given an additional 20,000 shares of their personal stock, bringing their total minimum ownership to 30,000 shares. You must be Incorporated in order to purchase shares on the TSX, and shares may not be transferred to anyone not a Citizen of MoG[Corp].

note: Mogar is a notable exception to the 10,000 share requirement, and currently has less than 5,000 shares not owned by himself.

OOC: this is my Stock Market Wonder.

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After Months of paperwork, and laying the groundwork for such a dramatic change of over 30 million people, the second stage of the Incorporation had begun.

MoG[Radio]: ..."In other news, MoG[Corp] has announced that the company has built numerous cell phone towers all over the nation, MoG[Corp] citizens will now be traded 24 hours a day, all citizens will receive a smartphone with specific software to do stock trading, citizens can purchase more advanced phones with additional internet browsing features with their own money. Mogar is quoted as saying to our reporter "Today, marks a great day in MoG[Corp] now we are able to allow every citizen to reach their full potential, with societies assistance, of course."

OOC: internets wonder, will edit in some additional information regarding specifics of how they're trading later.

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