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[u][center][size="5"][font="Georgia"]The [color="#9932CC"]Nebula[/color] of [color="#00FF00"]Abaddon[/color][/font][/size][/center][/u]

[u]Article I: Sovereignty[/u]

Both signatories of this treaty are sovereign alliances, and shall remain as such.

[u]Article II: Optional Defense[/u]

In the event of an attack on one of the signatories, the other signatory is encouraged to come to defense, unless the attack is willfully aggravated but are not required to do so.

[u]Article III: Amendments[/u]

This treaty may be amended at any time, in any way, and for any reason, provided both signatories agree to the amendment.

[u]Article IV: Cancellation[/u]

If it should, for any reason, be the wish of either signatory, this treaty may be declared void and defunct by either signatory. The signatory cancelling the treaty is required to give the other signatory a 72-hour cancellation notice.

[u]Signed for Nebula-X[/u]

Sonic - Emperor
Ludacrism2 - Regent
Rheebrosinc - Chancellor of Foreign Affairs
Alex0827a - Chancellor of Defense
Streethawk - Chancellor of Commerce
Simonian Emperor - Chancellor of Internal Affairs

[u]Signed for Disciples of Abaddon[/u]

Empress Kiley - Queen
Demonic - Regent
Howlin Mad - Regent

o/ NX
o/ DoA

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[quote name='Jens of the desert' timestamp='1306757640' post='2720542']
You're from Hydra, the guys who were beaten down by the SOS Brigade? Don't make me laugh.

That's a cute little story you have there, too bad you felt the need to leave out the some other details and fabricate others. Oh well, I am sure it took maximum effort from that peapod you call a brain to think of that so I won't trash it too much.

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