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اطلاعات امپراطوري


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Population: 28,395,716 (OoC: Actual 2011 Census of Afghanistan!)

Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy, Parliamentary System

Race: Afghan/Persian

Major Religions: 68% Christian, 11%Muslim, 11% Hindu, 10% Jewish,

Economic Look: Capitalism

Political Parties: (* denotes major party, **denotes major party in power)

Imperial Liberal Party**: Based on Left wing views of starting the economy of the nation and making diplomatic relations
Monarchy Party*- Conservative Party, right wing based,tries to give Monarchy full power, (Emperor Parentopoli does not support this party).
Muslim Coalition-Liberal Muslim party based on secular law, sides with the ILP.
New Persia Party- Radical right wingers bent on expansion and state rule. Fascists basically.
Communist Party of the East- Left wing communists based on Stalinist terms.
(The last two parties have no seats in Parliament at the current moment.

Parliament Set Up:
People's Senate: Lower House, filled with political parties. 452 seats. At the moment the set up is 349 ILP, 90 Monarch Party, 13 Muslim Coalition. Head of Senate is PM. 3/4 vote to pass bill. 2/3 to override veto of Emperor.

Imperial Lord's Council: Upper House, less power than People's Senate. Has dukes and barons as members, with the head being the Emperor's Aid. This house needs 2/3 vote to pass bill and it must be signed by the Emperor.

Emperor has veto powers.

Major Cities in Nation: (* denotes capital)(** denotes Imperial Residence)

New Persepolis*
New Babylon
New Akkad(Under Fascist Control)
New Ur

Industry and Trade:
Major Resources: Oil, Coal, Fish, Silver, Gold, Uranium, Silicon, Silk, Textile
Major Industries: Oil, Computer Tech, Jewelery, Fishing, Tourism, Plane Manufacturing, Textile, Banking, and Shipping

Government Officials:
Prime Minister: Larkus Elphina
Minister of Defense: Muhammad al-Malin
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Prince Darius Parentopoli
Minister of Economics: Dr. Nebuchadnezzar Asagardras
Minister of Internal Affairs: Markus Ali Lamont
Minister of Correction: Hazad Alikman
Minister of Agriculture: Larenzo Maralis
Minister of Industry: Dr. Acarad Makara
Imperial Aid: Eli-al-Mulim

General Amil Alua and Admiral Akeem Abdula
*additional Info may be added at a later date*

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Members of the New Persia Party took complete control of the southern city of New Akkad three days ago. They have been taking the city since the Rebel Army days. Two days ago, the Empire sent in troops, led by Prince Ali Parentopoli, to regain control of New Akkad. But the army was crushed and Prince Ali was tortured then killed. The Emperor mourns while the Prime Minister tries to figure out how to regain our largest port city.



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The Kingdom of Cochin offers any and all assistance to the Empire of Near East. Presence of fascists in South Asia is a threat to our regional stability. They also threaten safety and security of our military enclave in Balochistan, the Gosree City. We are with the Empire of Near East in its time of troubles.

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General Shankar Iyer, Chief of Army Staff and Commander of Royal Cochin Army would travel to the Empire of Near East to ascertain the problem and determine the force component needed to eliminate the threat. " So what exactly seems to be the problem, gentlemen, and how may the Kingdom assist you? So far our cargo convoys to Gosree have not met with any harm and we would like to ensure that it continues as such," Gen. Iyer would say to his counterparts.

OOC: By the way which are the RL counterparts of your fictional cities and regions?

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The Union of Arctica condemns the fascist attack and the murder of Prince Ali.

A travel advisory has been placed on the city and ports of New Akkad. Travelers and merchant ships are warned against visiting. Additionally, merchant vessels originating in New Akkad found to be in Arctican territorial waters will be subject to board and search by the Coast Guard for suspicion of connection to the terrorists.

The Arctican Navy will cooperate with the Empire of the Near East in handling any New Persia Party threats within its area of operation if such threats arise.

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