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Le roi est mort!

Markus Wilding

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In the early morning hours of May 27th, 2011, High King Sochima Sopuluchukwu died in the Imperial Palace in Sarnunga. His son, Frontino Sopuluchukwu, has taken reign of the Imperial government, military and populace. A memorial service will be held to honor his reign.

In his first act as High King, however, Frontino exiled his own mother, claiming that she was unfit to be in the Palace after suffering a panic attack upon learning Sochima had died. He also abolished the title of "High King", instead naming his position as "Director of the Vanguard". Advisers were dismissed, and any traces of the Imperial family (save for himself and the Overwatch Officers) were eliminated. The Kingdom of Africa was subsequently renamed the Commonwealth of Africa.

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