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Procinctia versus Fort Beihai


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As the only other country in the Bering Region Procinctia’s (or equivalent country) lack of announcement concerning United Federation of the East’s Alaskan protectorate, acquisition of the Alaskan peninsula, and establishment of Fort Beihai might seem like a lapse of policy. Procinctia has taken many factors into careful consideration before crafting policy concerning this subject.

Procinctia, whatever the outcome, stands with the Alaskan people. In the end Alaska’s Alaskans should ultimately determine their own fate. Many have asked if the Chinese really represent the people’s will? Ideally this could have easily been resolved through democratic processes as a straightforward yet adequately monitored national referendum could have resolved the issue in a single vote. An ideal outcome on paper is rarely reality; Procinctia is not naïve enough to believe otherwise.

What’s best for Alaska as things stand? Freedom, obviously - that’s the solution to everything. Are there problems? Yes, there will always be problems - we live in an imperfect world. Procinctia continues to support what’s best for Alaska’s peoples and accepts a continued presence of the United Federation of the East. We are both, in our own ways, working toward a better Bering.

Procinctia is not at all concerned by the unparalleled behemoth military facility of Fort Beihai so close to borders. Procinctia is confidant enough in the United Federation of the East’s intentions to maintain a continued policy of peaceful non- militarization.

Out of Character: As Squashing Moralism is still unresolved the current status of Procinctia is questionable. This thread does not imply Procinctia actually survived Squashing Moralism. Any ‘Procinctian’ policy would also be held by any equivalent Procinctian successor entity consisting of the URSR former holdings in the Aleutian Islands (as described in [b]Red no more, The URSR collapses[/b]).

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There [b]was a referendum[/b] held recently in Alaska. Fort Beihai the military facility is and will remain a UFE territory administered by the People's Liberation Army. Fort Beihai, the large commercial port and metropolitan city which has arose from it is now an independent state within the Federation like the city state of Singapore. The question of Alaska as a whole, was a more divided result. It was 40% remain a protectorate, 35% become a member state within the UFE, 25% become independent. Chinese presence in Alaska has been good for it. Under Chinese protection, Inuit rights have been greatly restored after being denied by the American Imperialists. Further, the major increases in immigration from Asia as a result of our open immigration policy has created economies scale for importing goods. When Alaska was a state in the former United States, it had the highest consumer goods prices in the nation.

With an increased market due to more consumers as well as considerable investments in infrastructure by Army Group Alaska, as well as Fort Beihai's massive container port facilities, we have seen the cost of living substantially increase in all but housing, which has increased due to greater demand. We however think that an increase in the home prices of Alaskans who have owned their homes prior to the Federation's arrival is a good thing as it increases their overall credit worthiness. In fact we've had several UFE banks offer refinancing offers which allow the older populations in Alaska to use their increased home equity to raise capital for new businesses which can take advantage of the boom created by both the increased military and commercial presence from the Federation's member states.

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