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NATO(TE) Wants you

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[center][size="4"][font="Comic Sans MS"][b]Peace through Superior Firepower[/b][/font][/size][/center]

[center][size="3"]We are small alliance just starting
built on a democracy. Where everyones voice matters. We are looking for active members who want to be apart of an alliance built on trust and friendship as well as safety. Who work together and support each other in the good and bad times. We fully support or members in times of war. Get attacked? We will be there for you. We want you to be apart of a team that works together both government and members even our allies to create an alliance that will not only succeed but flourish for many rounds to come.[/center]

[center][size="3"][b]What We Have To Offer[/b][/size]
We will help in your nations creation to make it as strong as it possibly can be.
We will help you fill up your trade slots so you are getting the most out of your spending.
We will protect you from those who attack us unwarranted.
We have a selection of guides to help you build your nation to its max effectiveness
we have family and friends.

No member left behind.[/center]

IF you would like to join switch your Alliance affiliation to NATO and switch to the color Yellow

our forums are at: http://s4.zetaboards.com/NatoTE/index/
Register today

and IRC channel is: #NatoTE

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