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[i]Two men stand behind a podium as the crowd in front of them surges against the barricades. After years of work and, more recently, days of intense negotiations to create a workable government, all efforts have come to this culmination. The newly selected President of the Republic of Quebec, Maxime Vigneault, and the newly selected Prime Minister, Alexandre Picard, both of the Parti Quebecois, have prepared this speech over the last several days and are now beaming as Vigneault clears his throat. Behind the two stand a selection of senior cabinet officials and several military officers in dress uniform.[/i]

[b]Il est j'ai l'insigne honneur d'annoncer la formation d'un nouvel Etat souverain, libre et démocratique de la République du Québec. Après plusieurs années de dépendance à l'égard des Anglais, nous avons atteint notre objectif ultime: la souveraineté pour le Québec et l'existence d'une véritable nation française. Dans les mots de notre ancêtre politique et un véritable héros, le temps est venu pour les rendez-vous avec l'histoire du Québec.

C'est ma ferme conviction que le Québec et les Québécois détiennent tous les atouts nécessaires pour atteindre une position enviable dans le concert des nations. Comme nous rapatrier nos ressources naturelles et de fortifier notre position, je suis entièrement d'anticiper un Québec qui est admiré et respecté par ses semblables.[/b]

[i]Vigneault's partner, Prime Minister Picard, begins his own portion of the prepared speech. His voice is much less confident than the President's, and it is clear that Picard did not achieve his position through his own charisma. Careful and clipped, his words are impeccably chosen but lack the power associated with great world leaders.[/i]

[b]La République du Québec cherche l'amitié et l'alliance de ceux avec qui il partage une langue, de ceux avec qui il partage une région et de ceux avec qui il partage un agenda commun. Aller de l'avant nous cherchons la communication avec toutes les grandes puissances mondiales dans l'espoir d'établir des relations qui profiteront à tous les peuples du monde.

Enfin, mes frères, je termine par les mots suivants. La souveraineté n'a jamais été un objectif simple à faire et puis oubliée. Ayant s'efforce depuis tant d'années pour créer cette République, nous devons affirmer maintenant notre attention sur les questions à portée de main. Nous devons continuer à lutter pour la langue française, nous devons continuer à lutter pour les Québécois, et surtout, nous devons continuer à lutter pour le Québec![/b]

[i]After much applause from the crowds the leaders were replaced at the podium by the fluently multilingual Minister of Foreign Affairs for Quebec, Cherie Lalonde, who after the usual pleasantries repeated the previous speech in English for the benefit of the English-speaking minority in Quebec, as well as for the foreigners watching on television and the foreign national leaders who would receive a transcript of the speech later that night. While Vigneault and Picard were, of course, able to speak proficiently in English, it was a matter of French pride that such translations would be done by a lower-level member of the government.[/i]

[b] It is my distinct honour to announce the formation of a newly sovereign state, the free and democratic Republic of Quebec. After many years of dependency upon the English, we have achieved our ultimate goal: sovereignty for Quebec and the existence of a true French nation. In the words of our political ancestor and a true hero, the time has come for Quebec’s rendezvous with History.

It is my firm belief that Quebec and the Quebecois hold all the necessary assets to achieve an enviable position in the concert of nations. As we repatriate our natural resources and fortify our position, I fully anticipate a Quebec that is admired and respected by its fellows.

The Republic of Quebec seeks the friendship and alliance of those with whom it shares a language, of those with whom it shares a region and of those with whom it shares a common agenda. Moving forward we seek communication with all major world powers in the hopes of establishing relationships that will benefit all the peoples of the world.

Finally, my brothers, I end with the following words. Sovereignty was never a simple goal to be accomplished and then forgotten. Having strived for so many years to create this Republic, we must now assert our full attention to the issues at hand. We must continue to fight for the French language, we must continue to fight for Quebecers, and above all, we must continue to fight for Quebec![/b]

ooc: My own French is limited to cereal boxes, so everything here is Google Translated. To anyone with a working knowledge of French grammar, I'm so sorry.

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The Mongolian Parliament along with Prime Minister Yanjmma, hereby reconginize the new nation of Quebec.


Prime Minister, Altan Yanjmma
1st Parliament of the People's Republic of Mongolia

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