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FEAR officials go missing


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[b][size="6"]Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics[/size][/b][/center]

Good evening ladies, gentlemen and Schattenmann. At 1800 hours this evening, several of our upper-level government members were reported missing. Several witness report the government officials leaving for some sort of a rap concert, or perhaps something about a velociraptor. In an attempt to calm the public, we declared a state of internal emergency and called for immediate elections. The scene was described as calm and orderly by FEAR standards.

[i]FEAR members avoiding panic and heading to the local polling stations in scenic downtown Turetelandia[/i]

Our members stood in long lines and waited their turns to die…er…vote. Unfortunately, nobody ever got around to voting. You see, FEAR members are happy with their position as being “next”, and as such, nobody knew how to actually act when it was their turn. Unhappily, they all returned to their parent’s basements. As such, the following cretin were elected:

Grand Chancellor: Yours truly (Canik)
Chancellor of Internal Affairs: TheDon125
Chancellor of External Affairs: ClashCityRocker
Fudgepacker: CBray

[i]CBray after a long day’s work[/i]

In other news, Blood for Friends, the MDAP bloc between ourselves, Europa and Wolfpack, recently voted on a new flag design. The winner was designed by Teeters of NPO. So, for your viewing pleasure, I now present you with the new face of BFF:


The runner up, designed by Chax from Europa, lost only by a handful of slave votes:


And that concludes this joint FEAR/BFF announcement. To arms!

Edited by Canik
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