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Welp, looks like my nation's gone. Guess that means I might as well take that cue as a curtain call myself.

It's been real, I suppose? I accomplished all my goals. One might say I even "won the game" if one can really do such a thing. I'm happy with MK, I'm happy with where I wound up, and I'm proud of my alliance. What more can I say?


God, how the heck do you people stomach writing goodbye posts? This is horrible. Guess I might as well reroll - less effort. Fare thee well, 29971, I shall miss you.

But hey, look on the bright side - at least noobs will stop calling me TheNeverender. Speaking of which, I think I need a forum rename. Archon sounds about right.

tl;dr - Artolia rides again, MK 4eva. And I can finally go by Archon.

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[quote name='Emperor Marx' timestamp='1306041713' post='2716449']
Haha [i]he thinks he's Archon[/i]. That's like that Corinan guy pretending to be Doppelganger or Viktor.


We demand an apology from Archon, TheNeverEnder, but not Artolia.

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