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Siberian Summit

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[quote][b]To: The Office of the President of the Slavorussian Empire
Fr: The Office of the Prime Minister of the Serene Republic of Vaule[/b]

Re: Proposed summit

The Government of the Serene Republic of Vaule hereby extends an official invitation to President Medvedev of the Slavorussian Empire to attend a bilateral summit aimed at improving ties between our two nations.

Should the President accept this invitation, preparations will be made to receive him at the Sygh-Varthys International Airport.

B. Svatek, Prime Minister of the Serene Republic

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The Prime Minister’s jet landed at the Sygh-Varthys International Airport shortly after noon. Knowing that his visit to Vaule would probably be his last diplomatic trip as Prime Minister, he hoped that he and his Vaulean counterpart would have a successful meeting.

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[b]**Sygh-Varthys International Airport**[/b]


As the Slavorussian Prime Minister’s jet taxied to a stop, the military honor guard assembled to welcome him. On the tarmac, the Vaulian delegation waited patiently to greet Prime Minister Medvedev.

Once the Slavorussian Prime Minister emerged and made his way over to the Vaulian delegation, Prime Minister Svatek would greet him:

[i]“Prime Minister Medvedev, on behalf of the government and people of the Serene Republic, welcome to Vaule. I hope that your journey here was a pleasant one.”[/i]-PM Svatek

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Prime Minister Svatek smiled as he shook the Slavorussian Premier's hand and replied (in lightly accented Russian):
[i]"I have been looking forward to this meeting as well Prime Minister Medvedev."[/i]

After exchanging pleasantries with the Slavorussian Premier, the Prime Minister directed the Slavorussian delegation to a fleet of limousines prepared to take both delegations to the Imperial Palace. Once there, the delegations were ushered into a conference room where several aides waited for them. As soon as everyone had taken their places, Prime Minister Svatek rose to speak.
"Prime Minister Medvedev, I would like to thank you for accepting our invitation to this summit and to once again welcome you to our country. As you know, the diplomatic ties between our two nations are not what they used to be. It is my hope that despite the challenges and obstacles which have weakened the ties between our countries, we may move forward to rebuild the bridges that once existed. I feel that we must acknowledge the mistakes of the past, but take charge of shaping the future.

It is my hope that we may negotiate concrete steps to advance Vaulian and Slavorussian cooperation, to increase communication, diffuse tension and to strengthen the bonds between our countries, our peoples and our leaders. These, Prime Minister Medvedev, are the primary aims of this summit. I look forward to hearing your views, Prime Minister, especially regarding the status of the Vauleo-Slavorussian diplomatic relationship and its future form."[/i]-Prime Minister Svatek.

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Dmitry thought for what seemed like a really long time. It seemed like he may have forgotten where he was for a moment, but then he snapped back to reality. "I agree with you Prime Minister Svatek. It has been a long time since the rift between our two countries was created. The mistakes we make in life have a bad habit of following us wherever we go, which is rather unfortunate because the world is built on mistakes.

We've been on a bumpy ride in the past, but I look toward the future and I see greater things. As long as we avoid making the same mistakes I have every confidence our relationship can blossom and grow for many years to come."

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Prime Minister Svatek nodded, then replied:


Prime Minister Medvedev, in the spirit of renewed cooperation I would like to propose upgrading the Non Aggression Pact between our nations to an Optional Defense Pact. In addition we would like to propose steps to increase economic and political cooperation between our two countries.

I feel that we have an opportunity to take the next step forward and to not let the past overwhelm the future. For my part, I must say that we are sincerely sorry for the actions on our part which contributed to the decline in the once strong ties between our nations. We took the first step years ago, with the signing of the Non Aggression Pact and the settling of our previous territorial dispute, let us consider taking the next step here today.”[/i]-PM Svatek.

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[i]"Prime Minister Medvedev, may I present the following draft text for your consideration"[/i]-PM Svatek

[quote][b][u]The Slavic Accords (ODP/EC)[/b][/u]

[b]Article 1: Sovereignty [/b]
The Slavorussian Empire and the Serene Republic of Vaule are sovereign nations. Both signatories remain sovereign nations.

[b]Article 2: Territorial Integrity [/b]
Each signatory shall respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the other signatory. Each signatory shall recognize the land borders and the extent of the territorial waters of the other signatory as defined by said signatory provided that such recognition does not infringe upon the land borders and territorial waters of that signatory.

[b]Article 3: Non-agression [/b]
The signatories of this accord shall at no time undertake or aid in the undertaking of any aggressive action, be it overt or covert in nature, against the other signatory.

[b]Article 4: Intelligence Sharing [/b]
Should a signatory obtain intelligence indicating the existence of a credible threat to the security of the other signatory, they are obliged to provide this information in a timely manner.

[b]Article 5: Optional Defense [/b]
Should a signatory be attacked by a third party, the other signatory is highly encouraged (but is by no means obligated) to render assistance, be the assistance in the form of financial, diplomatic or military aid.

[b]Article 6: Future Upgrade [/b]
The signatories of this accord shall agree to convene a conference after the accord has been active for one year. At this conference signatories will have the option of upgrading this accord, maintaining the accord as is, or to cancel the accord.

[b]Article 7: Economic Clause [/b]
Each signatory of this accord shall agree to make a meaningful reduction in tariffs on goods imported from the other signatory. The magnitude of such reduction and the goods to which it shall apply is at the discretion of the respective signatories.

[b]Article 8: Cancellation [/b]
Should either signatory feel that this accord is no longer in the interests of their nation, they are required to notify the other signatory. From the time of notification, a 48 hour cancellation period will begin during which the treaty remains active.

[b]Signed for the Slavorussian Empire,[/b]
Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister
Ratified by the Parliament of the Slavorussian Empire.

[b]Signed for the Serene Republic of Vaule,[/b]
B. Svatek, Prime Minister of the Serene Republic
Pyotr I, Imperator of the Serene Republic[/quote]

Edited by Imperator Azenquor
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"Since this will likely be my final official act as Prime Minister of Slavorussia, I would like to thank you for inviting me here to talk to you. I hope that the past will not repeat itself and that, unlike the British, you won't make me regret signing this treaty."

Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister
Ratified by the Parliament of the Slavorussian Empire.

Edited by Justinian the Mighty
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