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The Empire Expands

Michael McBride

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With little fanfare outside of the two states, the Empire absorbed Connecticut and Rhode Island into the union today. A press release was dispatched to allies regarding the change, citing state security as the reason, along with the support the two states had offered during Harland's War. The Boston Federacy was also notified on the new borders.

The rest of the world went uninformed, although anyone visiting the Empire's official national website would notice the map had been changed to reflect this addition.

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Imperator James Norton was surfing the net in his darkened office, having finished with his usual workload for the day. He was a bit bored, so he decided to visit the Empire of Pravus Ingruo's official national website. Upon reaching there, he scanned over the map of Pravus Ingruo, admiring its borders until he noted something. Connecticut and Rhode Island had been marked as a part of the Empire.

"Huh. Interesting." He said with a small smirk. "Congrats." He said simply as he mulled over the map for a while before growing bored and went on to surf GameFaqs.com (what? he was a gamer at heart. Just dont tell the Grand Vizier of that.)

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