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Magic-8 setup with Uranium


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This is an 8 bonus resource trade circle. It's the Magic-8 setup with Uranium. Aluminum, Coal, Gold, Iron, Lead, Lumber, Marble, Oil, Rubber, Uranium, Water, & Wheat.

We only are looking for a player with Iron and Water. Nothing else.

This is for a long term trade circle. Everyone needs a Harbor and some game longevity.

Unaffiliated nations will even be invited to the protection of TPF.

Why choose this set? The deepest infra discounts in the game. This one takes full advantage of the Mining Consortium and Nuclear Power wonders. One of the best trade sets for military needs. Good income and a fair population bonus too. While it has "dirty" resources it does come with Rad Cleanup to offset that and that bonus is a lifesaver in nuclear war.

It is a useful trade set at all phases of a nations life. Early discounts on tech generate strong extra income. Mid level nations are able to rapidly build infra. Older nations get strong maintenance discounts, good wonder options, and keep uranium on tap at all times.

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