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Selling 100t/3m

Red Roar

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Hello guys! I am currently a member of IRON, and would like to make a bit of extra cash in the game. If you are part of IRON, it would help me a lot if you were to buy tech from me, so that I can meet my graduation requirements! But, if you are not from IRON, that is ok! I will still trade tech with you, no problem! I currently have 4 aids slots available and the first 4 people that post here and send me foreign aid in game will get their tech.

My nation id is here:


If you want to make sure that I do not scam, the one person that I am currently doing a tech deal with is:


You can ask him if you would like about me, I have done 2 100t/3m tech deals with him so far.

Remember, if you want to purchase tech from me, just post and here and send me the 3m. Hopefully I can get some buyers from here!

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All of my aid slots are filled up. Thank you for your business! I will post here if I have an opening in the future, but for now it looks like 2 people want to do this for a long term kind of thing. Again thank you all and hopefully I can get enough money to get over my first infrastructure jump...

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