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Black Team - 5BR With Uranium


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Resource list:

- Aluminum - yolisha101
- Cattle - Nolissar
- Coal - Tinton
- Fish - Tinton
- Iron
- Lumber - yolisha101
- Marble - magnetic rose
- Oil
- Rubber - Nolissar
- Uranium
- Water - magnetic rose
- Wheat

Aid available for smaller nations who commit to stay at least 60 days.

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SCY, a Chancellor of MCXA here. I'd like to enter one of our members into this TC.

Hassan 1 has uranium/wheat he is willing to do a TC on any color.

Here is his link http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=397171

If this works for you please reply to this and let me know.

Also when you have only one or two people left, will you be searching for the last people using in game searches and PMs?

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