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Red Rum Announcement

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I will keep this short as I'm guessing not many of you know of us.

As of May 17, 2011 the alliance Red Rum officially disbanded's.

There is no longer a need for anther 8 man alliance to be on plant bob. I wish my members the best of luck in to where they go and hope they may find better homes then I could give them.

I would like to thank Nebula-X for being some of the greatest allies that any alliance could ask for. You guys where always there for us and no words could explain how thankful we where to have you guys always there to help us out.

And for one last time ill proudly hail this wonderful alliance.

o/ Red Rum

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Sad to see this happen, You were a nice ally and a friend yourself Fiercesob

o/ Red Rum

The A.A RED RUM will be protected by Nebula-X for a period of two weeks.[/b][/color][/size]

while RR nations find their new homes

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