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Ragnablok Expulsion

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Per the terms of our Ragnablok Pact http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Ragnablok our signatories are to bring us to the diplomatic table in conflicts with other alliances PRIOR to escalation. SUN has repetitively displayed a disinterest in any advice, assistance or other involvement from our advisors and government members. Their current response of continuing an attack on former member after he has applied and been accepted to another alliance without any diplomatic attempts is a breach of this agreement and frankly a final straw to our patience.

Effective immediately, SUN, is expelled from the Ragnablok. We will no longer interfere nor intervene in your affairs!

Best wishes and Good luck!

Yukon Don
High Chancellor - Ragnarok

Written on the request of the Empress KaitlinK and her Ruling Council

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[quote name='Jonathan Brookbank' timestamp='1305675154' post='2713903']
I think this might ruin some opsec, but I'm pretty sure this is the precursor to SUN getting rolled with Exodus at the forefront of the attack.

Let's see how well my crystal ball is working these days.


Have you looked at them yet?

One would need to build a coalition just to hit all the sub 20k nations they have. This could take days to set up.

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heh...this actually makes me laugh...not because of the situation (because i need to read up on that i'm guessing since i just logged on) but because talked to one their govt before and he didnt even know you all were protecting them lol

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