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Rhodes Review


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Testing began on ten MH-53 Sea Dragons, recently bought from the United Federation of the East. Early reports indicate that the helicopters are reaching the expectations as set forth from the isle's Parliament. Commander Agapios denied to comment for this article, but sources have confirmed the Commander has been on site to watch the MH-53's maneuvers. The Green Party has questioned the need for costly equipment upgrades after the Athenian Federation granted Rhodes the military equipment they left behind. Of that equipment there are an abundance of working machines, according to Green Party sources. Prime Minister Spiridon, in power due to a coalition between the Socialists and Monarchists, has continued to make a case for new military equipment in order to establish production ties with foreign nations to ensure that Rhodes doesn't scramble to find equipment sources should war come to her shores. When question on the price of the proposed upgrades, the Prime Minister's office directed this reporter to the financial document's showing Rhodes' current military surplus budget. Should the MH-53 Sea Dragons continue to preform admirably - as all indications seem to point - then the Knights of Rhodes will be on track to issue a large order. According to the Knights, the Sea Dragons will be used primarily for search and rescue operations, though a few of them will be used for training and other such missions to support local authorities. Sources have hinted that the Sea Dragon's will be used to recover Rhodes' space program materials should they fall into the Mediterranean, though no confirmation from the government has come.

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