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An Athenian Announcement

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Athens, as a community, has existed for almost three years, ever since the Camelot and HoTU communities merged to become one. This community has remained strong ever since that day. Our government saw the departure of some friends, specifically Rsoxbronco who is no longer with us. Rush Sykes stepped up to take over as Archon Eponymos. I shall be replacing Rush as Archon Basileus. Taking over as Theorodokos is Jgoods. Taking over as Agoranomos, Strategos, Dikast, and Hierophant are Lawliet68, Azelie, Eragon55, and Spartans101. Please welcome these old and new faces. A list for your convenience is provided:

Archon Eponymos - Rush Sykes
Archon Basileus - Voodoo
Theorodokos (MoFA) - Jgoods
Strategos (MoD)- Azelie
Agoranomos (MoE)- Lawliet68
Dikast (MoIA)- Eragon55
Hierophant (MoR)- Spartans 101

The Athenian community is a strong community. We have faced defeat and victory in war, coming out better and stronger each time. Through our strength, we remain committed to our community We remain committed to our current friendships and to building new ones. Do not discount our resolve as an alliance, as a community or as an ally. Consider this a renewal of Athenian resolve. Consider this a new era for Athens. Consider this, the rebirth of Athens.

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=LOST= wishes not to recognize the sovereignty of this Athenian government due to the long standing cold war between the anarchic state known as Athens and the glorious Empire of =LOST=.

Athens is flaming now more than ever with Rush Sykes as its leader.

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[quote name='Duncan King' timestamp='1305507494' post='2712500']
How many alliances have you taken over, Voodoo? I count IAA, GATO, Athens at least. Athens is in good hands.

He rose up to Sith Lord in NSO before going to IAA, too :P

Congrats to Voodoo on moving up to the top (or #2) in another alliance ;). Grats to Rush too..

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