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Announcement from The Order of the Paradox

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[size="5"][b][center]Official Announcement from The Order of the Paradox[/center][/b][/size][size="4"][center]Recognition and Support of Gremlins[/center][/size]


[center]Since the BiPolar War, many things have changed. Once mighty empires have crumbled, the proud have been humbled, and fresh beginnings have sprouted in a new political spring time. The past--for most of us--no longer seems as constricting as it once was. The future is clouded and unclear as ever. In such times it is needful to surround yourself not with allies, but with friends and brothers.

The bonds of camaraderie and fraternity have never been more amply demonstrated than at the table of the Midnight Feast. There Paradoxian Knights and Gramlins dined, drank, and wenched for many years. But as the night grew longer our familiarity began to breed contempt. This combined with the rise of certain divisive persons eventually broke those bonds. The Feast was over and the hangover had come.

For better or worse we went our separate ways. Paradoxia has endured through trial and triumph, but we watched with concern as our one-time brothers tore themselves apart.

It is now with emphatic joy that the knights of the Order of the Paradox raise our swords in salute to the return of our brothers of old who have at last sprung back to life. They have sworn to destroy the withered husk that usurped their once proud name, and we are eager to see it done.

We fondly anticipate the resumption of our Feast such as we shared in elder days.

Gremlins Vult![/center]

[i]Timberland[/i], Grand Master
[i]Richard Rahl[/i], Grand Chancellor
[i]SkyGreenChick[/i], Grand Hospitaller[/center]

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