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Michael McBride

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Thomas Atkinson-Asgeirrson let out a sigh of relief. Michael Harland was captured. The nuclear crisis had passed thanks to the selfless actions of Agent York. The separatist threat was over, with reports coming from all over Florida of the armies loyal to Harland surrendering. They would be dealt with in an efficient manner. A quick message was sent to the UFE, United Kingdom, Austria, and Athenian Federation letting them know that the nuclear threat had passed. But a larger statement would be needed for the world at large to show that Harland was indeed captured, and that Thomas was still firmly in power. A special focus on the heroes would need to be made as well. A press release would soon be sent around the world.

***Imperial Press Release***

By order of Emperor Atkinson-Asgiersson, a press conference will be held at 9 a.m. tomorrow from the Hero City (OOC: New York City). Members of the world press are welcome to attend. Major announcements regarding the separatist threat and the future of the Empire will be made.

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OOC: Just assuming people are there and whatever.


Emperor Thomas Atkinson-Asgeirsson stepped up to the podium draped with the flag of the Empire before the Imperial Press Corps and the assorted world press.

"Good morning. Thank you for coming today. The first thing I want to say is that the separatist threat is over. Units loyal to the former Emperor have surrendered, and are currently in the process of being processed. Every member is having a trial before a military tribunal on charges of high treason, desertion, and violent attempts to overthrow the state. The first and third are punishable by death. While there are an overwhelming pile of cases, given the rather overwhelming pile of evidence against each member, they should go relatively quickly."

"Second, the former Emperor Harland has been captured. He is currently being held on Long Island in a secured military base awaiting trial. He was captured two nights ago on the former Irish military base near Miami. His trial should commence within the week. The charges against him are far too numerous to read out, so I will give some highlights: Orchestrating an overthrow of the state, leading an overthrow of the state, violent attempts to overthrow the state, illegal use of nuclear material, and high treason. All of those charges are punishable by death."

"In regards to the incident at Fort Central, due to the heroic and valiant efforts by Agent York and his team, the world has been spared another nuclear disaster. Harland had programmed the nuclear missiles to launch with a hard-wired code, meaning no override option was available. Agent York closed the silo doors seconds before the missiles were due to launch, causing them to explode against the doors. This did lead to the death of Agent York and his team, along with the destruction of a majority of Fort Central, but that is a small price to pay compared to what could have happened had he not sacrificed his life."

"Therefore, in honor of Agent York, the state of York shall be renamed "New York". Agent York has also been elevated to the status of "Hero of the Empire". This is the highest honor that the Empire can bestow on any individual, living or deceased. A memorial will also be constructed here in the Hero City for Agent York and his team."

"I will now take three questions from the assorted press. I apologize for the brief nature, but I have many other matters to attend to."

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[quote name='Curristan' timestamp='1305455770' post='2712067']
A Buryatia Times female reporter spoke. "What is the current level of nuclear fallout over Fort Central and what risk does it pose to nearby nations?"

"The level of nuclear fallout in the surrounding area is quite low due to the fact the missiles exploded inside the complex. There is no risk to any nearby nations, or to any cities in the vicinity of the fort."

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