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Jack Sparrov


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[b]...2000 hours, Capitol building, Danborg, Livonia...[/b]

A man comes in running into a meeting between Juris Kristaps, President. Bendek Kaz, Secretary of State. And Aldona Georgs, Secretary of War and Defense who are talking about the recent pirate attacks on the northern coast. Out of breath, he starts his ramble,

"Sir, the security was compromised at the jail in Viimsi. The prison has restored security, but the Russian outlaw pirate we recently captured, Jack Sparrov, was no where to be found when a search was conducted. He must have escaped!" he finally says, trying to catch a breath.
"He did what?!" Juris Kristaps yelled. Grabbing his head, scratching it as it he gets up out of his chair and walks around the room.
"He's gone sir, no where to be found!" The man said,
"How can he just be... Gone?" Bendek Kaz said,
"We don't know, he's no where to be found."
"Do we have any leads?" Aldona Georgs said,
"We have one, sir."
"And that is?" Juris Kristaps said,
"We believe he has run off to Finland, as our troops in the area state they say him heading in a ship to the north."
"Why would he go to Finland?" Bendek Kaz said,
"He is not an outlaw in the country, and being the closest country, we believe he is heading for it."
"Where at in Finland?" Aldona asked,
"Makuluoto, ma'am."
"Isn't that a restricted area?" Bendek asked,
"Yes sir. Highly restricted."

[b]...-300 hours, Viimsi Prison, Livonia...[/b]

Jack Sparrov is outside, in the courtyard of the prison with the rest of the inmates. He gets a visitor, and goes inside to answer.

"Ye be ready?" Jack Sparrov asked the visitor,
"As I'll ever be." The man stated,
"You know ye job, get to it matey," Jack said,
"As you wish." the man stated,

Getting up, the man walks over to a security guard and asks him something, there is some sound of violence in the courtyard and all the guards run to stop the fight. The man grabs the keys off the security officer as he starts to run, not phasing the officer. He goes to leave the room. 10 minutes later, the lights go out, the security cameras down. The emergency power has not been working lately, and it fails to turn on. All systems are down. Before breaking the glass in front of him, which has been replaced with real glass rather than the normal unbreakable fiber glass, Jack lights some sort of torch to guide himself. He breaks the glass, it's heard by the man who cut the security. He's out, and a danger.


[quote]From: Livonia High Government
To: Finland High Government
SUBJECT: Jack Sparrov

Greetings Finland,

We have recently had a prisoner escape our prison in Viimsi. We believe he is en route to your coast. We request you arrest him [b][i]immediately[/i][/b] and expedite him back to Livonia for arrest.

President Juris Kristaps.

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[i]Makiluoto, Gulf of Finland[/i]
The moment that a person stepped foot on Makiluoto, the sirens went off. The entire island was an unmanned military base, a significant deterrent to foreign navies in the Gulf of Finland. The appearance of a single rubber dingy and an individual entering the restricted zone caused a full reaction from garrisons elsewhere. Within two hours, military personnel and helicopters were combing the island with searchlights and canines. The bleak, nearly totally deforested island presented few hiding spots, and soon a ragged man was found hiding in a crevice by the rock formations.

[quote]From: Finland High Government
To: Livonia High Government
SUBJECT: RE: Jack Sparrov

Greetings Mr. Kristaps,
We have recently apprehended a man in the island of Makiluoto. We believe him to be the Jack Sparrov that you seek. We cannot extradite him currently, due to his violation of Finnish Executive Order 32, prohibiting non-authorized entry of secure military-held islands with punishment of up to 3 years without bail or due trial.

Justice Minister Vallo Kahaala[/quote]

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Outraged at the actions taken by the Finnish, President Juris replied promptly.

[quote]This prisoner must finish his sentence in our prison, where he is sentenced to life with a possibility of being hung. We will not stand for the Finnish to keep our prisoner in their camps, he has caused us much damage. To our people, to our nation, and to our security. We can not, and will not allow him to stay in Finland.

We HIGHLY recommend you reconsider your actions, and extradite the prisoner back to Livonia so we may deal with him as we see fit.

Juris Kristaps.[/quote]

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[quote]From: Finland High Government
To: Livonia High Government
SUBJECT: RE: Jack Sparrov

Good day,

As we speak, Jack Sparrov is on his way to a maximum security prison on a god-forsaken desolate island in the Arctic circle. Extradition appeals must be filed with the Chief Justice of the Finnish Justice Ministry, Sina Daolo. However, Ms. Daolo has been taking a vacation in the North as her Saami family are migrating. Please address this extradition request in 5 to 8 months.

Justice Minister Vallo Kahaala[/quote]

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Again, outraged. He replies...

[quote]I apologize, JM. Vallo Kahaala. We will not accept these terms. Just because Ms. Daolo is out doing god knows what, probably out hunting reindeer, does not mean you have the right to hold our prisoner. Again, we ask you return the prisoner immediately.[/quote]

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