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People's Republic of Mongolia Factbook


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[b][u][center]The People's Republic of Mongolia[/center][/u][/b]

[center]Government:Single Party Parliamentary Republic
Current Head of State: Yulik Batiar (Prime Minister)
Established: May 10th, 2011
Demonym: Mongolian
Offical Languages: Mongolian, Chinese.
Unoffical Languages: Russian, Korean, English.
State Religion: N/A
Currency: Mongolian Togrog

Standing treaties:[url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=101863&st=0"]Mongolian Zargathian treaty[/url]
Current Wars: N/A

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[center][b][u]Republican Guard[/u][/b][/center]

The Republican Guard is the primary military and police force of the People's Republic of Mongolia. It was founded by Prime Minister Yanjmma after the formation of the PRM (people's republic of mongolia) in order to properly defend and maintain the nation's security needs.

[b]Members of the Republican Guard[/b][/center]

The Ak-47 is the primary firearm for the Guard.

The PKM, a common heavy machine gun around the world. Used by the Republican Guard.

CZ-75 primary sidearm for the Mongolian armed forces

The T-62 and T-80, primary battle tanks for the Mongolian army.


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[b][center]Republican Guard Cont.[/center][/b]

AT-ASV (All Terrian-Assualt Vehicle), Perfect for the Mongol countryside and to launch quick strikes against targets. Most models have a mounted PKM.

HT-M09 (Heavy Transport 09' model) Troops, supplies, hell even prisoners. The HT-M09 can transport anything and sustain heavy damage from enemy fire.

The Kamchatka is a domestic made vehicle for the Republican Guard. It can fire a deadly shower of missiles on its targets and requires little maintence.

Although out of date in today's standards, the PPsh-41 continues to be the PRM's choice for a primary smg.

Hind D, primary combat helicopter for Republican Guard forces

U-78 quick transport, designed to quickly transfer troops in and out of combat zones and launch small raids.

Black Wolves Special Forces, The best of the best taken from the Guard and placed into Mongolia's most deadly killing force.

MD-95 primary weapon for the Black Wolves.

[b]Ground Forces[/b]

8th Infantry corps
17th infantry corps
9th infantry corps
101st Infantry corps
82nd Engineer corps
91st Engineer corps
00 Black Wolves (special forces)
2nd Parliamentary Guard (personal guard for parliament)

5th Armor division
882nd Armor division
52nd Armor division
1st Armor division
10th Light armor division
4th Light armor division

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[b][u][right]Constitution of the People's Republic of Mongolia[/right][/u][/b]

[u]Powers of the State[/u]

The Republic is the sole governing body of Mongolia. Each region is represented by a member in the Mongolian Parliament, whom of which is elected by the general population. Members of Parliament have the ability to select a Prime Minister who will soley represent the state. No member of Parliament or the Prime Minister is at liberty to violate the Constitution or amend as such to promote their personal goals. Secession is, in every sense of the word, intolerable and will not be allowed. If a region attempts to leave the Republic, military force will be used to secure said region for the Republic. The State, Parliament and the Prime Minister have the ability to declare war in the defense of Mongolia at anytime the nation is under attack. An offensive conflict must be voted by Parliament, the Prime Minister does not have the power to declare war legally.

[u]Rights of the People[/u]

All Mongolian citizens have to right to freedom of speech, assembly, own property, and practise a religion of their choosing. Any violation of these rights by the state is illegal. Citizens have the right to be treated equal to an extent, Mongol born citizens are considered first class any immigrants to the Republic are second. The People do not have a right to bear arms or own any firearm that does not include the following (hunting rifle, low grade shotgun) the only people in the republic that should have access to anything other than what was listed should be members of the Republican Guard. Mongols have a right to continue practising their culture passed down from our ancestors, any inhibtion of this practise will be consider a great insult to the Mongol nation.

The People's Republic of Mongolia is a single party parliamentary republic, and as such the formation of any politcal party is not allowed. It is the belief of the founders of the republic that any and all poltical parties simply divide rather than unite. Any citizen trying to hinder the rights of another will be punished according to our laws. Any foreigner committing a crime within Mongolia will either be punished within the nation or expelled.

[u]Republican Guard[/u]

The Republican Guard is the primary military and police force for the PRM. It is tasked with the protection of the Mongol nation from threats both internal and external. All citizens are encouraged to join the Guard, during times of war or emergency all civilans who are able ages 18-40 must serve. The Guard has the right to arrest, detain and seize civilan assets if they feel it is a threat to the Republic a trial shall decide if the actions were sincere. The Prime Minister has the right to order operations within the nation to secure peace but does not have the right to use the Guard to declare war, if the Guard is given an order by the Prime Minister to invade another nation without permission from parliament the guard may arrest the Prime Minsiter for attempting to undermine the state's authority. The Guard is responsible for arresting corrupt officals within the state who may or may not violate the rights of the civilan populace.

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